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Good afternoon everyone! Yes, you read that correctly, it’s 1336 hours here in balmy NC. Yesterday was worse so I’m grateful for today! By September I’ll probably be asking the Universe to turn the AC on outside. I have to watch everything now, especially the UV Index which is currently holding at 10, I think it’s probably because I am getting older or so I’m told. It has nothing whatsoever to do with rupturing. I had two wonderful things this week. The first thing is we actually hired a company to come clean the long driveways, I was able to debate sensibly that my little power washer would take a few weeks here and I didn’t think I should try it with as dirty as it had become over the years and my health issues. I won! The guys were really sweet and they gave me some company. It’s really difficult to get out and about some times and isolation isn’t healthy (that is the rupture’s fault mostly). To top off that,BH took me out to our one and only real Japanese restaurant. It’s very small, maybe five tables, rarely gets loud and is cool and not so bright. Best of all is the food! We also met a lovely almost two year old that had her first taste of miso soup and loved it. I am one lucky person! Which leads me to the question of the week…Since you discovered you have an aneurysm, whether ruptured or not, craniotomy or endovascular (coils, balloons, stents) repair or on the watch list, are you able to see the little positives that come your way? It’s really important to not let those little ones be ignored, they often lead to bigger ones. So take a minute and see how many you can remember that came your way today or this week…now for the important thing - the welcomes!

@Flowermoon is up in Connecticut. Mary’s been diagnosed with a 6mm left internal carotid artery (LICA) aneurysm back in April. She’d been having headaches and because of family history asked the doctor to check for a brain aneurysm. She has another smaller one on the right side and a dissection of the right carotid artery. She did already undergo her procedure and they used a WEB device last month. Mary shares that she’s been very tired since her procedure and has been having mild to moderate headaches. We can all relate to those symptoms, come talk to us and we can share our experiences on what has worked for us.

@Alizak is up North in Alberta, Canada. Her mother had a rupture and thankfully Aliza was there when it happened. Her mom had a thunderclap headache, nausea, vomiting, stiff neck and light sensitivity. Aliza called 911 knowing her mom was having signs of a severe brain issue. Her mom was indecisive on whether or not a call to emergency’s services should even be made, she didn’t want to go to hospital. Her dad shrugged it off. So Aliza took the bull by the horns as they say and made the call herself! Good for you Aliza! Your parents raised an independent thinker! I am really curious to how you knew the symptoms were indicative of an issue with her brain and can’t wait to read the story! Please start a topic so my curiosity is appeased…

@Delite is here in NC and I bet she’s enjoying our weather too even if she’s probably on the other side of the State (I hear it’s been really bad that direction). Donna ruptured last Fall and had a craniotomy with a clip and coils. She stayed in NSICU for four weeks and transfered to another unit for six more weeks. Donna shares she’s back to about 95% of her prior self. She still has some persistent symptoms and wants to see how others are doing post rupture. Ask any questions you want Ms. Donna, start a topic or join in…

@Robinnikole is up in Maryland. She also had a clip. Her rupture happened on 12/22/22 while she was working out. She collapsed at the gym and was rushed to hospital where she woke up three days later. Robin’s family had to tell her what had happened. Robin is a realtor, mom of 2 bio children and 6 bonus children!

@JackiH is in New Jersey. Jacki had her aneurysm discovered 9 years ago and it was coiled. She received the stent last year. Her Neuro has told her she now has a blood clot in her brain and the aneurysm is still growing. Understandably, she is terrified. She’s already started a new topic here Blood clot. Help her out folks, please and thank you!

@DawnL is up in New York. Dawn works from home as a sales and marketing consultant. She shares she had a brain aneurysm surgery back in February. We don’t know if it ruptured or not nor which type of repair she had. She does share that she doesn’t feel like herself, she’s afraid of leaving her home, her balance isn’t right and her head still hurts. She’s wondering if this is all normal. Please start a new topic or jump in on an existing one and we can share our experiences.

@MissMcK is over in Oregon. Christine shares she was running, felt strange and called an ambulance. She doesn’t remember much more. She was in the hospital for two weeks after surgery. Come talk to us! It sounds like you experienced a rupture, though without you saying, it’s just a guess.

That’s it for this week y’all, there’s a couple I need to reach out to or get ModSupport to help me out.

I did want y’all to go read this Emotional and forgetful a year after non ruptured annie - #6 by Goldmountain. In the replies, @Judi and @Cgranny disuss how they are using Alexa to help them out. It’s something we do in our home as well. We also use Alexa for music. Currently we are enjoying the station “Breezy Summer Classics”. If you come across a song that inspires you or helps you, do t forget to post it under @oct20 topic found here Music that inspires us

Have a great week y’all!

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My MRI results can someone explain?