Music that inspires us

This is a topic to share the music that has inspired us to keep going and to enjoy life. It can also be music that makes us think and ponder …basically whatever helps you get through the day.

@oct20 is the reason for this topic as she posted a wonderful song by Bill Withers. I can’t figure out how to paste it on here so I will shoot her a PM

Here it comes. I hope the link works Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Official Audio) - YouTube

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I find that I can decompress and relax to music from my youth. So thank goodness that Sirius XM exists now because I can find a channel that is just what I want when I want it.


I love Pandora for the same reason and I can pick my songs of which there are many😂. One of my all time favorites is Carole King Carole King - Beautiful (Official Audio) - YouTube

I’m much more aware of classical music.

Prompted by @BrianS, this piece is beautiful and relaxing (and I’ve just happened upon the Orchestra of the Swan and this recording is just gorgeous). Listen through good headphones or a decent Bluetooth sound system :two_hearts:

There are a bunch of other pieces of music I could go to as well. Invite me back each week! :wink:

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Ach, forgot to tell you Mr. Richard -you’re invited😉

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