20 Feb 2022 New Members!

Good Morning to everyone! Here it is another Sunday with a bit of rain in my part of the States wishing we could share it with the Western States….

This week we give a warm welcome the following new members:

@LS6546 had a SAH on a Monday and didn’t get to hospital until Friday! She may have been a bit busy with her restaurant and two teens in WA. Luckily she survived and was able to have a craniotomy to get clipped! Amazing right? Glad you made it Lauren and you found us, welcome!

@Kriscasinelli from CO is a friend of someone who has ruptured with subsequent SAH two months ago and is looking for survival stories and hope as the friend’s prognosis isn’t looking good. Kristina, ask away by starting a new topic and we will provide all our experiences have. Hope is a good thing to have and those of us who have ruptured have learned that we can improve with a lot of time and patience, not to mention the need for support. Welcome!

@Arocide is joining us from PA. Mother had two ruptured aneurysms on Jan 10 and has three other aneurysms. Apparently one of the surgeries resulted in an ischemic stroke, but I’m uncertain. Looking forward to hearing more and how we can help out. Ask us anything in a new topic under the “General” category!

@Ipshita27 is from down under, Australia, where Merl is from! An aneurysm was discovered and has to wait for an appointment with the Neurosurgeon. Waiting is tough and is causing anxiety. Ipshita needs our positivity and some guidance on what to expect. Hopefully a reach out with a new topic can provide our experience.

Last but not least is @ChristianeDolores also up in PA. She’s had a rough last year with a partner hitting his head, two days later a seizure, trip to ED to find out a concussion and hematoma (must have been a hard hit) and then an aneurysm that ruptured. But 2021 began with her own health issues. This couple has been having their limits tested. She needs our help in learning how to support her partner during his healing and still deal with her own. Not shy, she’s already started a topic found here: I don't know how to be supportive - #6 by Moltroub.

Please help each other out, it’s a really great way of helping ourselves!

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