17 Jan 2023 new members

Wowza more new members, yippee! We have several to welcome and y’all know how excited I get…I didn’t even mind using BH’s coffee cup this morning and I think that’s a first since I ruptured :joy:. All I could think was this morning I had to get on the ball and do the welcomes!

@AliciaB starts us off this week. Alicia is in Arizona, they found an aneurysm incidentally during an MRI and she is now four weeks post op from her clipping. She has questions about the recovery process and I know all you with craniotomy experiences can help her out!

@Soconfuse (love it) is out in California. Karen had a rupture and the staff kept telling her she was a miracle - why? - well she laid up in the bed for four days, you read that correctly, four days before going to the hospital! She really needs are help y’all She’s having a tough time with family who wanted to commit her on a 5150 (someone goes to the magistrate or Judge and makes a complaint of the person harming self or others and that official determines if the individual needs to be put in the Psych ward. If the official determines the order needs to be filled, many times law enforcement comes out and takes them to the facility. Sometimes a family member or another can just drive them to the hospital. It then becomes part of the medical record, so nothing to be taken lightly, it’s very serious). Apparently her sister doesn’t have time to research the effects of a rupture as she works. Karen’s experiencing cognitive impairment, anger is escalating and she’s feeling depressed. She’s unsure why she doesn’t have a therapist and would like to stay home alone where it’s peaceful.

@Danny0723 is up in New York. He had a ruptured aneurysm about a year ago and survived. He also had a stroke but I’m unsure if it was an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.

@Parisb is in Chicago Illinois. Paris also ruptured whilst 7 months pregnant! Her oldest daughter found her unresponsive. That must have been frightening for a child. Paris spent a month in ICU. She works in education and is a mother of two. I hope she’s been able to return to work.

@Zunie also ruptured and has had two coiling procedures. Fortunately Becky knew what was happening as she worked in an emergency room as a Social Worker. She went to the hospital and had surgery within an hour - amazing. Becky is feeling the effects of the rupture, she’s dropping things, misses steps md has problems with numbers. Though she feels the frustration, seeing the comedy of things must help, I know it has for me. Becky is retired and enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, travelign and crafts. Good for you Becky!

@MattM is in Florida and his mother ruptured and went into a coma on the 10th of January. His mother is improving, albeit very slowly. His mother was in great health walked 4-5 miles a day, ate really well with none of the high risk factors. We will keep you and your mother in our thoughts Matt. Please continue reaching out and let us know how you both are doing.

@Frank48 is also in Florida. His wife of 46 years had a rupture and treated with angioplasty. She was life flighted from the ER to the closest neuro vascular center. They put in a catheter to drain the fluid and angioplasty to repair the aneurysm. She’s not awake after three days and has experienced additional strokes. Please reach out to us Frank, we have many family members who can support you, as well as members who have ruptured.

I want to share a story of how we help others, even when we don’t know it. Yesterday, I was told by our painter that they used me as an example with his cousin who had ruptured and wasn’t doing so well. They shared the good and the bad (yep they’ve seen that part), the support group here and emphasized that we can’t give up. He shared that it helped and hai cousin is now in a really good rehab. So keep trying y’all and don’t forget to enjoy the little things life offers you!