11 June 2023 a few new members have joined us!

Good morning World! The beginning of the week was something else with the smoke from the Canadian fires reaching all the way down to us here in our part of NC. It was a bit difficult to breathe, not only for me, but our dogs as well. It reminded me of smog alert days when I was growing up in Los Angeles County. I couldn’t imagine what it was like up further north. Luckily, I only had to use my inhaler a couple of times and when I heard one of dogs coughing, they both went back inside. I should have taken care of me as well but I was focused on working outside🤪. Don’t do like I did - always take care of yourself first.

We start the weekly welcomes off with @MissG I thought she was here in the South but I was wrong, Melissa is up in Ohio! Melissa experienced an SAH (Subarachnoid Hemorrhage) for an aneurysm in the basilar area that popped. They treated her with coils (endovascular). Melissa lives with her boyfriend and a few pets. She also has great family and friend support groups! Having a great physical support group is very important in our recovery, having an internet support group is good too…good for you MissG!

We get to cross the pond and visit Ireland where @Keldaycecil is residing in the Northern Ireland area. Granuaile has been having severe headaches and pains since October after having what she describes as a thunderclap headache. She received a diagnosis of a 5 mm unruptured aneurysm. Granuaile is terrified the pain she feels indicates the aneurysm is not stable. I imagine part of the terror is with her having three young children. Granuaile, I don’t know if this will help, but most us who ruptured didn’t even know we had a brain aneurysm and didn’t have any forewarning. So it’s a really good thing they found it before it ruptured. We are here to help in any way we can let us know what the surgeon says.

We end the welcomes with @Angela3225 over in Los Angeles, California. Angela ruptured in September 2021 and spent 18 days in NSICU. In May of 2022 they put in a pipeline stent. By November the aneurysm was gone (fully occluded)! Angela likes to do puzzles but her short term memory is not the best. We know about that don’t we folks?

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are so glad you joined us. If you want to start a topic, just click on the + sign under General or Support. Jump in to an existing topic by hitting on the reply button. If you want to reply to a specific person, make sure you click on reply to that person and they will get it in their email if they’re not on the site. Be careful on how old the post is as those members may not be active at all or their email address has changed. If you have any problems with the site reach out to me @Moltroub or @ModSupport and one of us can help.

Have a great week y’all and do take care of yourself!

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