Surgery on Tuesday

Well, this is it. I’m having one, possibly 2 aneurysm’s clipped on Tuesday at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. My doc seems wonderful - Hunt Batjer - but I am, forgive the expression, scared shitless. The closer it gets the more anxiety I fight and the less I sleep. I just want this over with. Discovered the little f*>kers 9/2 and my life has been totally about this crap since then. Do I sound a little angry? That’s because I am. I’m also feeling more than a little sorry for myself - like haven’t I been through enough in my life already? I don’t know what to do besides wait. And wait and wait some more. They’re both unruptured but I’m so scared one of them will rupture before surgery I’m afraid to move around a lot. I know I should be savoring life and all that but I can’t or won’t - pick one. All I want is for this to GO AWAY!! Oh hell, now I’m crying again. This is ridiculous.

Hi Jennifer, saw your post and can really empathize with you. I had one rupture and then at a follow-up was told I had another that was too big for coiling and must have a 2nd crainotomy and clipping. I had to wait for about 4 weeks and had just started back to work after the 1st episode. Know that you are not alone with your feelings of anxiety. I don’t think any of us can make it better for you at this point. BUT since we are writing to you and reading the posts we did also survive. Northwestern is a very well known hopsital and I know you will be in excellent hands and receive the best possible care for your stay. None of us could predict how long your surgery will take. But you will be “medicated” and I don’t think time will be important to you. The surgery will take as long as is needed. You don’t need to be doing anything out of the ordinary. Take it easy, watch Animal Planet or do things you enjoy for the next few days. As far as being nervous with every twitch and pain, I often have thought about mine and find myself realizing that before I had the rupture I never thought about aneurysms. I had lots of headaches and never was aware of what could happend. The difference now is that I know what did (or could) happen. As I have said to others I look at my rupture event and recovery (which is always ongoing) as Chapters in the book of my life. Before you know it, your surgery will be done and you will be on the road of recovery. My thoughts will be with you, take care, Barbara
PS Don’t stress about the cigarettes, I am still fighting that battle also.

Jennifer,the wife goes in on the 4th of Oct.she has mixed emotions about the surgery,but cant wait to have her forehead finally fixed after having a hole the size of a pencil there for are going through a state right now that will cause your emotions to go crazy and the fear factor to raise really high.the 1st time for us was in 99 and the annie ruptured,we were making like split werent really having time to think.this annie was discovered in early August,surgery postponed twice so hopefully it will be done and over,same for youI wissh you the best of luck and will pray for a safe surgery and speedy recovery…Bill

This thing hit me like a ton of bricks too. Had an annie rupture in May and still not back to work. :slight_smile: Going to retire in less then a year. All I can say is that these doctors are amazing. You can get a ton of info on line and a lot of support on this site. Try to relax and think positive. I am pretty much back to normal and have no restrictions. Things happen and all we can do is handle them as best we can with the help of family and friends. Good luck and I’ll pray for you.

honey, good luck on tuesday.may god be with you ,we all will be praying for you .

Jennifer, good luck to you on Tuesday and don’t be too hard on yourself. Anger is normal. Anxiety is normal. Crying is normal. This is hard stuff to deal with. But know that we all love you on this site. My sound strange because none of us have actually met but we have a bond that brings us close. We care about you and will be here for you.

Hi Jennifer,
I can relate. I was told in April I had a subdural hematoma. Now, in September I find out I have a aneurysm. The doctor told me the most sure fix was surgery so that is what I am doing on Oct 6th, at Mt Carmel East Hospital in Columbus Ohio. I am terrified but trying to put on a good front for the family. On top of this I have varicose veins that are giving me problems since the angiogram. Didn’t have any trouble before that. I know a lot of people are praying for me and I guess that is what keeps me going. I hope you have a good supportive family like I have.
Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen, I live in Columbus also. Actually, I work downtown Columbus and live in Dublin, Ohio. I survived a subarachnoid hemorraghe from a ruptured aneurysm back in 2006. Another aneurysm is being evaluated currently. I have an angiogram on Friday, October 1st. I would love to meet you in person, pray for you, and just talk.

Jennifer, they won’t go away, thank goodness they were found before they broke, yes this has and will change your life,I had 4 surgeries for my giant unruptured anuerysm, and i am dealing with things as they come,don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor, ask questions, i will keep you in my prayers, but remember , your doctors will take care of you, let them do the worring for you, sure u will be fine, best of luck to you , Julie

Hi Jennifer, I know it is scary I was diagnosed last July and had to wait until October for my surgery. The anxiety which I was already high anxiety would sometimes get to me ,especially if I felt a headache coming on. My surgeon assured me that it was fine to wait. I am doing great after almost a year. Please keep positive and enjoy every moment ,I know I have to practice this myself but worrying does not change anything. Have faith in your Dr. and you will pull through just fine. I wish you the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

Jennifer, There is a member from here that works at NW and is a aneurysm survivor. She was in the same situation as you and now works in the OR. I will email her and ask her if she is working to possibly see you before your surgery. I know you may not see this before tomorrow, but it’s worth a shot. Good luck to you and think good thoughts before your surgery, it will help in your recovery! Take care, Kim

I had to wait just over 2 weeks so that all blood thinners were out of my system before the doctor would operate. During that time was a hard and also full of blessings too. I always felt like those days were like circling the airport, surgery day, i was so very ready to land. I too had full trust in all of my medical team and knew that while he is in my opinion the best, i do believe that God is the ultimate surgeon. So my prayers are with you all…

let’s get you started on recovery…be gentle and kind…you will be certainly in the right place.

many blessings.


*** i lost my wonderful , and yes very hot hot and so kind and funny neurosurgeon and friend just last week as he has been given the wonderful job to direct Ohio state University, so if you are in Ohio…Dr. Eric Sauvegeu is a truly gifted human being with such skills… so Ohio people look him up

I can so understand your concern, fear, frustration… Please know you were blessed in many ways…1) you had some physician(s) who did appropriate, early testing / diagnosis…2) you are truly having a short wait compared to those under early diagnosis and monitoring for years…before treatment. 3) you did rupture, unknowingly, from diagnostic delays/failures… 4) the mds did such a good job in your diagnosis, they likely would not have had you wait a day…if they observed anything so critical…
Yes, it is still major surgery; please remember the blessings in the treatment /care you have already received…brings forth confidence in your surgery. Will be awaiting your update.
You are in my prayers…

Hi, I would love to talk to you, I am seeing dr bendok and haven’t met dr batjer yet… I am in a similar boat but mine is very small only 2-3mm and I have been ts to watch and wait… I am terrified and have a four year old daughter that I love dearly and don’t want to leave! Please contact me… I need someone to talk to that understands!!

Hi Kim, I am working with Northwestern right now and I would love to get in contact with someone that could help ease my mind…if you could help me I would be grateful!!’

Jane, was reading the posts and saw your note on Dr. Eric…he did my 2nd surgery 4 years ago in November. Ohio is very fortunate to get him! You’re right he is so gifted, kind and caring! I was sad when he went to Arizona a few years ago, then he was back after a fellowship, now i’m sad again. But…my 1st rupture and life was saved by Tampa General’s Dr. VanLovern and his excellent staff. We are very fortunate to have the USF Neurosurgery Team (even if they are a life-flight away for me).

Tiffany and Mary Ellen, I also live in Columbus. My craniotomy was in June. I have an angiogram on October 5th to evaluated the remaining aneurysm that was not clipped in June.

Can I join you when you two meet? I work in Clintonville and live close to Easton.

small world and i am so happy to find another one of his patients, I was his first case back when he came back from Az. I was so hoping that the weather and beach babes would get him to settle down here. We are so very fortunate that TGH has great NS. Dr Eric suggested Dr. VanLovern and there is another one. My wish is no more surgery. And as he also told me i could always come to him as well.
Dr. Eric and i and Trish Pendry set up a support group here at TGH , last Wednesday of the month. send me a message if you are ever interested…we are both blessed

I left a msg for Tiffany that i could meet this afternoon but have not heard from her. I told her we could meet at McDonald’s in Grove City at 3. It is to the right on Stringtown Road off 71. Traffic is usually terrible in that area but it would be about the half way point. If you get this message and want to meet me just let me know.
I’m not sure about Tiffany.
Mary Ellen

I will be down in the area-Lockbourne and Marion Roads having my hair cut around 3. I can come by there when I’m finished if you are still there.