Anuerysm Surgery Soon!

Colleen, Thank you for your response. I am so scared right now. I was diagnosed with aneurysm which is not leaking or ruptured. it is 7 mm behind left eye which is not touching optic nerve. I have surgery on Monday.

Oh Sylvia … you have every right to feel scared…but try to enjoy the next few days…with your family…
Are you being clipped, or coiled, or pipeline, etc.,?
I will be keeping you in my prayers…and sending positive vibes…~ Cyber ~ Thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Ps…donot hesitate in called the Doctor and asking for some medicine to help with the anxiety? … it’s ok…

Hello Sylvia

Yes it's scarey, but at least you are able to have your procedure planned rather than having it as an emergency after rupture. What are they planning to do? Make the most of the next few days, and do lots of fun things, it may be some time before you are fully back to normal. I hope all goes smoothly.


hi Sylvia! Welcome to the site!! maybe try some relaxation cd's/tapes, also don't read anything negative-this will create more fear. Please feel free to write or even vent - folks here are really caring and supportive, im so glad you found us! since it has helped me so much.i saw your chat but no one was home!!-chat is hit or miss so try again eventually you'll succeed! Please take comfort in knowing that it has not leaked or ruptured! We'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers for Monday!

Thank you everyone for such support! I am having the clipping procedure. I guess my biggest fear is will I be the same person. How bad is the pain? Will I be able to walk without assistance? Will my vision be the same? You all are awesome and I appreciate all suggestions and or comments. XOXO

You are correct. Everytime I read a negative article I completely panic. Thank you! I will try the relaxation CD idea!!

Thank you! It is the clipping procedure. And YES I do have anxiety meds!

Mandy…thank you! Your comments are uplifting and gave me some relief. I am so full of anxiety but I know I need to just let go! God will see me through this!

hello Judith…they are doing the clipping procedure. I will make most of the next few days! Thanks again!!

deep slow breaths and pray.

I had clipping done 10 yrs. ago. Mine was behind my right eye. My vision is 20/20 in that eye. Waiting and recovery is the hardest part. Hope all goes well, I know it will. Just remember to a neurosurgeon it is just like pulling teeth to a dentist. They do it all the time. They are so skilled at what they do. I will be praying for peace and courage and strength to recover. Just take it slow and rest when you can.

THANK YOU! LOVE the last one! you are awesome!

Hi Sylvia,

I'm having a 5mm annie on my left middle cerebral artery clipped on Tuesday next week. Everyone is right, try to enjoy the next couple of days. I'm having Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday with my family. My daughter and I are going outlet shopping on Saturday to shop for Christmas gifts. Try to stay positive and if a negative thought tries to sneak in push it out of your head, think of something enjoyable. I'm sure you can't wait to get it over with and neither can I. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care,


Hi Sylvia,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I had two aneurysms coiled three weeks ago and I am doing great! My sister had her aneurysm clipped in July and she is doing great as well. Sending peaceful and positive thoughts your way!


Thank you Lupe! I am happy to hear yours was successful as well as your sister. My surgery is Monday. I guess I am as ready as one could be. May you continue to do well!

Hi Bonnie. I too am having Thanksgiving dinner with the family Sunday and going shopping with my daughter this weekend. What city are you in? I am in San Francisco and Dr. Michael Lawton is doing mine at UCSF. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! thank you for your encouragement.

Hi Sylvia!

I know you're scared right now but beleive me, you will get thru this, and getting the aneurysm clipped is considered the "gold standard" in treatment (and considering its not affecting your optic nerves then recovery will be a lot easier then you may be expecting it to be). I've gone thru two seperate aneurysm clippings, (1998 and 2010) The 1st clipping/surgery did affect my optic nerve but the 2nd one did not, and I can attest to the fact that the 2nd surgery and recovery was simply a breeze compared to the 1st one. I was driving within a week or so, and the relief in knowing that it was over with and I didn't have to worry about a rupture? Priceless! ! (and the support of everyone on this website?? Absolutely priceless !) Prayers to you and yours!


Thank you Janet. I am just so sick with worry right now. So many thoughts are going through my mind again. I worry about my eyesight and now I worry about fatigue, depression, oh my so many things can happen. I am 52 years wold and have a 15 year old daughter and I feel like I am going to be an invalid. I am just so upset and worried.
thank you for the prayers!

Hello Sylvia

Only another day to go to your operation, so you've got through the hard time of waiting. I remember, it was tough. I just hope there will be no delays or postponements for you as that can be really hard. My experience was that I was anxious until they came to the ward to take me to surgery. losing consciousness with the anaesthetic was so quick and the next thing I knew was coming round in ITU. I, like you, was worried about being disabled and it was a relief to find i could talk and move all my limbs. Recovery was far slower than I expected though I was alble to care for myself right from the start. Getting out to shop was a problem as I couldn't see well enough to drive initially, but I now have no noticeable visual problems (11 months). I still have a few cognitive problems, though I am enjoying life and knowing the aneurysm is no longer at risk of rupture has really changed my view of life. I hope and pray you will have a sense of peace today and tomorrow morning and that all will go smoothly.


Judith, when they shaved your head did it grow back grey or your natural color?