4 June 2023 member to welcome!

Well good morning y’all! Guess what? We have some new members to welcome and help support, how great is that! And nope, didn’t finish the closet as planned, but I did learn something that’s strange since I ruptured and didn’t figure it out until yesterday…I do better working on the left side of things where I can use my left eye rather than on the right side where I guess I’m using more of my right eye as I struggled to get the board cut correctly to go around the flange that holds up the closet rod. I need to ask my ophthalmologist about that, but I see my Neurosurgeon first, so it’s on the list of questions. I know there is nothing much wrong with my eyes, just the usual need for my prescription as they were just checked but I’m guessing that’s it’s the neural transmitters that have created a new pathway yet. I sure wish I knew more about the brain! Enough about me, let’s meet our new members!

@Cynthia is up in Newfoundland which I believe was the first settlement in North America by Europeans. Cindy is waiting to be coiled. About 4 years ago she was walking, missed a step and fell landing on the left side of her head which resulted in a “full blown severe caution concussion”. She’s been suffering terrible headaches and was incapable of lifting, pushing, pulling without developing pulsating head he aches. I imagine they did some type of imaging in which an aneurysm was found, but she doesn’t say. Hopefully she’ll share more of her story…

@stonedDawg is in East Java. He had a rupture and his story can be found here Im confused of a lot of things. He had gamma knife treatment for his rupture and had to be flown 500 miles to that hospital after his family drove him to their local hospital. He’s a southpaw y’all! He also shares that he is living his life but still searching for the purpose”. I think a lot of us who have ruptured go through that, don’t you? He is looking for any information on the Tammy knife procedure so if you know anything about it please let him know.

@Shaloshunt is right here in North Carolina! Hey neighbor! Shalonda just underwent a VP Shunt surgery in May of this year. I do t know if she has an aneurysm as her story doesn’t say and shunts can be installed for any reason that causes a brain to be experiencing pressure from a build up of fluid. Shalonda says she started with chronic ear infections and then developed CSF leaks has had 3 repairs and developed meningitis twice, the last time was this past January where it almost proved fatal and she was on a ventilator for four days. Her Neurosurgeon says the shunt should fix her problems but since she’s been dealing with it since 2017 she’s doubtful. Shalonda is “looking for answers to see if her head should feel like it’s exploding when I cough”. Shalonda call your neurosurgeon tomorrow morning! I hope we can help you as we do have a lot of members who have VP Shunts, all of us have cerebral aneurysms.

Last up for this week is @lynnH. Lynn is over in the Pacific Northwest (Washington State) and had an MRI for another condition. They found a 6mm internal carotid aneurysm and she’s getting an MRA soon. Lynn says she feels fine, it hasn’t ruptured but doesn’t know what’s next. She’s a sprightly 72 year old has a wonderful family and a dog who runs the house, she also has a bearded dragon! We pretty much know what surgeons do once an image shows an “incidental find”. Come start a topic and ask!

That’s our round up for the week. Welcome to all! Until next week then…stay healthy and happy!

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