21 Aug 2022 new members!

Hope everyone is feeling good! This week we have several new members and welcome each and everyone wholeheartedly!

Starting with @Lojo who is in California and has a plethora of family members who have passed away due to ruptures. Lojo has a lot on their plate and is currently being monitored by a cardiologist. I imagine with the extensive family history going back three generations, there might be some concern…

@LeeB is the caregiver for his wife who has had clipping for four unruptured aneurysms just in March of this year. You read that right folks, four! She’s struggling with short term memory loss, anxiety and depression. Lee is looking for all the resources he can to help his wife of 26 years. Ask us any question you’d like Lee, many members have had craniotomies and can certainly help you out with their experience.

@mellalight is in Arizona. Carmen’s 77 year old mother had an SAH and spent 6 weeks in NSICU, moved to a regular room and then transferred to a sub-acute rehab center where she’s been for almost two weeks. We certainly understand the stress she must be feeling, ask us anything our experience is vast…

@AmberJ is in Illinois When I read her profile, the first thing I thought was she has some protector! She had pain behind her eye and went to the ER three different times just to be sent home. She was pushed out of 2 hospitals and no Ken was taking her seriously. I imagine they didn’t bother doing the CT. She lost control of her eye and her PCP sent her to the ER. It was finally figured out, she had ruptured! She had it repaired at a bigger hospital. Her Neurosurgeon told her if it hadn’t been found she wouldn’t have made it. Thankfully she did and can still enjoy her two sons!

@Retired320 is in Minnesota. Ed is a relative who had surgery and needs some questions answered. Ask away!

@Julie.2 is in London, England. Julie is waiting for a clipping. Had pain behind her eye, went through MRI/A and received the diagnosis. She works in Mental Health and has two cocker spaniels. Waiting for a procedure isn’t easy, we are here to help you!

@MamaRae2010 is in Illinois. Leslie has been through it…Leslie had an angiogram where they found the aneurysm had grown from 3.5 to 4.5. When she had the angiogram her carotid artery was torn. We all know that’s one of the risks of an angiogram don’t we folks? They discovered fibromuscular dysplasia and another aneurysm. She has to wait for the tear to heal so she can have a craniotomy. Amongst all that, she was in a car accident back in March and currently cannot work

Lastly, we have @Cgranny, Teresa, who resides here in the South. She had an incidental find and two surgeries back to back. She was doing well after coiling and stent surgery but developed a terrible wound and is on week 7 of wound care. She bled out for 10 days! In 2006, her father died from a rupture.

Welcome again everyone! When you want to ask a question, just go to the General tab and click on new topic. If you want to join an already existing post, please make sure it’s a new one from this year…