24 May 2022 Greetings!

Couple weeks behind again. If anyone would like to become a moderator, please let @ModSupport know and they’ll discuss it (at least I think that’s how they do it now) I’m not sure what the parameters are but probably good if you’ve been active for a good bit of time, positive attitude, empathetic and desire to help others.

First up is @CindyW from South Africa! Cindy survived a rupture on Christmas Eve. She has one blind eye from the rupture and is battling with depression and anxiety. She needs our help folks and is wanting to not only help one other person but to start a support group as well! We can sure help her out can’t we? I know we would sure love to get to know more about her. Please go to the General and start a new topic Ms. Cindy. You can also go here Survival remorse where @Eric_F has started a new topic that may help.

@Jenvy is out in CA here in the States (not Canada). She found out she has an aneurysm when the Doctor told her on his way out. He also said a Neurologist would contact her. Hopefully by now, one has. Ms. Gingerleigh start a new topic and let us share our knowledge, experience and support! Many members have been told that they have an aneurysm on what’s called an incidental find. Waiting to here from you…

@ktempelman is in Colorado. Kiona was recently diagnosed with a 6mm fusiform aneurysm in the posterior cerebral artery. Already has had appointments set up and has some fear but lucky it hasn’t ruptured. We rarely see someone with a fusiform aneurysm and would love to find out more. Please start a new topic under General!

@dcoor is in AR. Ms. Denise has been through it with a broken shoulder, retired and craniotomy! She’s a widow, resides alone with no family around to support her. We can help out with support! Just start a topic under General and let us know how we can help support you!

@Astro is also in CA down in San Diego, a place that’s really grown since I lived near there in the ‘60’s, oh my gosh has it grown! Zahir is a retired engineer and an amateur astronomer! A quick trip to the desert will certainly provide a lot of stars! They found a 4mm AOCA (Anterior Communicating Artery). We’re happy you joined our supportive group Zahir, introduce yourself under General and let us know how we can help!

@AVMMom is up in Ohio. She has a 17 yr old son who and an AVM rupture on Jan 4. His younger brother told her something was wrong. She needs to set up a 504 Accommodation plan so he can navigate through college. Her son is feeling a little depressed and lonely. She is looking for all the support she can get for him and we are a very supportive group. Let’s help her out with some ideas folks! To do that, you will need to start a new topic under the General tab.

@Caity is down in Mississippi, a fun State to spell when I was a kid. She’s on the ball having already started a topic! Found here-Continued numbness on one side of the body She had to be flown to Mobile AL for treatment and it’s been a rough ride for her. Let’s help her out the best we can!

That rounds it up, save for the three who have t replied to the automated email. I will have to send a message to remind them to check their junk/spam folder.

A very warm welcome to each and every one of you! We look forward to interacting with you all!

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Thank you for allowing me to join. I don’t know how to live this life now, but it seems like the choice isn’t mine. Really wish, most days, that I hadn’t survived on that operating table. Either time.