28 August 2022 new members

Good Morning Y’all! We get to welcome new members today yippee! Have you ever wondered why I put the day, month, year such as the Brits do and not the typical American way of month, date, year? I’m not sure who to blame it on. Could be most anyone along my life’s path, parochial school, USN or having professors from Europe. Can’t chide @DickD for it…A little shout out to Mr. Richard (@DickD). He’s been named as the dude over Patient Experience for all of the Ben’s Friends support groups! He is also graciously helping me out here along with @ModSupport. When I am in a quandary or having a bad brain day, I reach out to them and they always help…you can too!

First up is @joanie from down in Georgia. She ruptured, was coiled and has had Botox as well as several different meds to control those nasty migraines that follow us like mad dog. Joanie has already posted a new topic Forehead swelling and headaches. Please help her out by replying to her query.

@JaneC is down right below me in South Carolina! She also ruptured back in Feb 2019, (ACA) coiled and then 2 weeks in NSICU, 2 weeks in Rehab and was able to return to work 2 months after that. 10 months later, she had a craniotomy to repair a second aneurysm at a bifurcation of her right MCA. That’s a bit of brain repair! Fortunately, she’s recovered well and gives us the answer to a good recovery -lots of support from family and friends. I bet she’s enjoying retirement with them!

@MaryJ out in Arizona. She also ruptured and was taken to hospital when her husband called 911. The RN asked how long she suffered from migraine - never and the ED MD ordered a MRI to find out she had a bleeder. Flown to a bigger hospital she was there for over 5 weeks. She then had surgery 4 weeks later to clip it. I wonder if they tried to coil it first…Mary is also retired!

Last up and just accepted today is @SusanS. Susan is up in Minnesota. Her father passed away from a rupture at the age of 51. Susan had an aneurysm discovered and it was coiled last December. She’s had a follow up angiogram that found the coils aren’t doing their job and risk of rupture is still present. She’s a bit more than scared I imagine whilst waiting for the surgical team to decide what they’ll do next. We can certainly not only empathize but sympathize as well!

For everyone new and old alike, remember to start new topics under the General tab. If you respond to a post make sure it’s one that started this year. If you need any help with the site, please ask me or @ModSupport by sending a PM. Also know there are but a handful or less of paid employees for Ben’s Friends, everyone volunteers, so be patient and one of us will get back to you!

Welocme everyone!

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