4 February 2024 newest members to welcome!

Good Morning World! I just heard yesterday that a woman who has a mass on her brain at around 3 cm is having outpatient surgery to remove it! The person who told me thinks it’s going to be removed by a craniotomy. Outpatient craniotomy oh my, what will medical science come up with next? Of course I had to look it up and found a few studies that mention using outpatient craniotomy procedures with great success for a limited number of patients who meet specific criteria.

I need to share this with you, it’s a bit funny now but certainly wasn’t at the time. It may not even be funny now though. One early morning this week I was outside responding to a member’s post when the dogs started carrying on something fierce. I look over to the gravel drive and there was Ohana fortunately running next to a cement truck with a truck behind it. I called the girls to me and of course Ohana thinks she knows better and decided to stop and bark at the trucks. In my stern voice I called her again and miracle of miracles she came running to me! This deserved a treat so they each got a small one with a good bit of praise. I put my work in the yard shoes on and went down to the new tractor shed being built. The concrete guy had the forms already built where the doors will go and the concrete was being poured. I’d had a bad brain day the day before so I was a bit muddled and stuttering. It didn’t dawn on me until later that day when I decided to use my little tractor it was and still is stuck inside! I don’t know why the very nice gentleman didn’t notice it before he put all the frames up, nor why he didn’t send a worker up to the house to ask me if I wanted to move it out first. The next day when they were taking apart the forms, I pointed it out to him. He simply said “oh yeah”. Life is certainly a conundrum! It does remind me of a riddle “ Why didn’t the lost hikers starve in the desert? Because of the sand which is there.” On to the welcomes!

@Imash starts us off this week. Ismail is in Cairo, Egypt and in May of 2022 was in London where a severe headache came about. Ismail was taken by ambulance to Charing Cross Hospital and coiled the next day. After a week in NSICU, Ismail had vasospasms and stayed in ICU for another ten days. After physiotherapy is almost back to normal! Good for you Ismail good for you reaching 72! Ismail is a telecoms engineer.

@cdyvsc is down in Texas. Chris also had coils used She was experiencing bad headaches for two weeks and then had her worst one ever. The rupture caused radiating pain down her spine and couldn’t turn her head. Chris shares the ER quickly found the culprit and the Neuro IR gave her platinum coils for her 4mm aneurysm. Chris is a dog mom to her rescued black lab, a HR leader in a tech company and if that’s not enough, she a Yoga practitioner! Labs have a special place in my heart, good for you!

@911Dispatcher is in Nevada. Devi’s father received a stent assisted coiling for an unruptured aneurysm. Devi’s father encouraged Devi to join our group, so thanks Dad! Devi, we have a lot of family members in a group and they have different questions and concerns than those of us with aneurysms. Ask away if you have any questions, we’ll help best we can.

@Rudies1 is somewhere in the United States. Sandy receives yearly scans and is on the watch and wait list. That’s all we know from what Sandy shares, hopefully Sandy will start a new topic or join an existing one.

@Edwardskm is in Kentucky and experienced a ruptured aneurysm on November 27. Karen continues to experience headaches and has high anxiety. We get it Karen. Come talk to us!

@Boysmom6 is in Fresno, California. Amber’s father in law had a craniotomy for a very large unruptured aneurysm. Amber shares she is dedicated to helping her father in law. It’s really nice to have supportive family as it helps our recovery in so many ways.

That’s the newest members for the week! Thank you all for joining. Please start a new topic or reply to an existing one so we can help you in anyway we can. Have a great week y’all!


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