6 Aug 2023 new members!

Hey y’all! How did your week go? Can you believe our 40 pound little sh@# got zapped again! We figured since she couldn’t learn to stay away from skunks we’d have to adjust- they are not allowed out after 9:30 pm and before 6:30 pm EST. Speaking of adjusting, please go check out this topic - The journey starts again. Merl from @ModSupport has to have yet another craniotomy. Please offer him some support, he has helped all of us over the years and now it’s our time to step up and reciprocate!

We get to start our new member welcomes with @Ldrossss from right here in North Carolina. Dianne is a relative of someone who had a craniotomy to remove a tumor back in 2019. Yes, we don’t know much about tumors, but some of us have a bit of experience with craniotomies. Let’s help this Special Ed teacher out!

@JenniferKF is from Massachusetts. Jennifer is believing she will have a cyber knife treatment. She had an ear infection which cleared up but was still experiencing pain, pressure and pulsatile tinnitus. The tinnitus hung around for 2 ½ months so she had an MRI. The MRI was suspicious of an aneurysm, the neurosurgeon thinks it was an AVM due to the tinnitus. Sure enough that’s what the angiogram showed. Jennifer also is trying to convince her husband they need a puppy this Fall. I’m on Jennifer’s side with having a four legged friend around even if they haven’t learned to stay away from skunks.

@Dashworth is up in New Jersey. Dash worth is waiting for their first appointment with a Neurosurgeon. The MRA showed a 3mm aneurysm. She went to a Neurologist who prescribed Topomax and is wondering if it’s safe to take with an aneurysm.

@Mike is in Tennessee right next door. Boy, was there some flooding there this past week or what? Mike ruptured and had emergency endovascular surgery at Vanderbilt five months ago. He is one lucky guy as the coiling was very successful and he’s near complete recovery! Good for you Mike!

That’s the list for this week, one person hasn’t responded to their automated reply. Remember to check your emails and possibly your junk folder, it may have gone there. For all members who have questions or are having a bit of a rough time, just start a new topic under the General tab, be cautious of personal information you post and emphasized textwouldn’t want the entire internet world to see and join in helping others, please and thank you!

Words of wisdom- do not believe everything you read on the internet, it’s full of misinformation. Some “expert” said predators ie fox, dog, coyote will only be sprayed once and never again, our dogs have not read that book! With aneurysms, stay within recent literature and research as there are improvements all the time in medical science. Don’t forget to reach out to Merl and have a great week!

*It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

Your poor silly dog.

Welcome to the new members this week