10 April 2022 week of new members

We wanted to acknowledge that today for some of us we are celebrating Easter or in the midst of Passover, both very important events for respective religions. May all of us have a year full of love and blessings!

We have two new members to welcome this week:

@erinds1222 is a Mom of 3 and may have a possible clipping in her future. She has two unruptured aneurysms one that apparently needs a fix and on that they will watch. We hope Erin that you start a new topic and let us know how we can help you.

Also new is @ANITAH (Ms. Anita I have changed your user name as we don’t share last names here, I will send you a PM. @DevinE just taught me how frustrating it can be). Anita had a craniotomy to repair a 12mm aneurysm. She’s up in Wisconsin so I hope the weather is helping her to regain some activity. She’s finding it hard to not be doing anything, I’m sure we can help her out with some ideas! Just start a new topic and let’s see what our members come up with!

I also want to remind all our members if you have your last name in your user name, please try to change it. We don’t know all the possible last names in the world and can miss them. If you cannot change it let me or @ModSupport know and we will change it for you!

Hi everyone, I have had headaches for years (since I was 8) recently I have got more recently so at my regular doctor appointment I asked for an MRI and he said sure but let’s also do an MRA- a few days later my doctor called and told me I had three aneurysms - two they are going to watch ( one is only 1mm and the other is 3mm- but the scary one was 12mm. I had to have a craniotomy ( the only way because of the shape and size and location) so immediately I was on the phone scheduled an appointment for a first second and third opinion. From the diagnosis to the day of surgery was three weeks. I’m sure most of you guys get the anxiety of knowing you have an aneurysm that could rupture at any time!! The surgery was scary but it came out very well! The only problem I have now which is trip weeks post op is my tailbone which is killing me!!! I have a two 1/2 week check up this week which I will ask if they have any ideas why it hurts!!! After having surgery the gift that these brain surgeons give you is remarkable!!

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