24 March 2024 welcomes!

It’s Sunday morning here in chilly NC. Isn’t it interesting how the temperature starts to go up just to go back down again before Spring really sets in? It’s happened in every State I’ve lived in, I’ll have to remember to ask the niece who is studying to become a meteorologist why. I also need to ask her why when the sun rises, the temperatures drop a bit, like it’s sucking the heat out before it gives it back.

Oh my gosh y’all, there’s a huge flock of starlings that make our trees and yard an occasional stopping point. They are loud, very loud and obnoxious. That being said they’re amazing to watch when they’re feeding on the ground. They look like a wave when they move from back to front and repeat. Hopefully they’re eating the grub worms.:joy:.

Took the dogs in to the Vet for their annual shots and found out something interesting. I knew dogs shouldn’t be on pesticides until it’s watered in and has dried. But did you know they shouldn’t walk on fertilizer or weed and feed stuff? I’ve come up with a plan to make it easier on them and me. We have a chain link kennel that I’ll attach to some livestock fencing we have so they can have more room to roam during the process. I’ll do an area and then move the whole thing to another part of the backyard and do the area that their “extended kennel” was at. Hopefully this will be doable and easy with a little help. Please be careful where you let children and pets go walking about. If it’s a local park, make sure it’s rained and dried before venturing on it. Our licensed pesticide guy that helps eradicate the fire ants does a local town’s parks and they never water it in, yikes!

My brain story for the week is this: I was working on a door at the home we finally put on the market and going over the home inspection with our licensed electrician. My tremor and stutter came back full force and he insisted I calm down believing it was stress. I wasn’t feeling stressed it was probably more frustration at the idiocy of the inspection report and of course bending to work on the door. I tried to explain it wasn’t stress, he asked what it was and when I came out with neurological symptoms he didn’t know what to say so we all laughed! The look on his face was priceless. One of the things the home inspector stated was head shaking. The inspector said it was the law to have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed the year the house was built (1970). The National Fire Safety Council didn’t even recommend them until 1976! NC didn’t put them into the building code until the 1980’s. Someone needs to do a bit more research on when codes were created. I suggested the inspector was probably not as old as the house which we all said was a strong possibility. We were correct, he came by to gather the radon test and he looked to have been born in the ‘90’s. There was a dispute on an exterior electrical panel box, our licensed electrician said it was fine, breakers were just showing their age. The buyer was sending out his realtor’s suggestion on an electrician. We told our agent that it better be the actual licensed electrician who owns the company and not someone working under his license. Our realtor has been in the business for well over 30 years and didn’t know trades people could work under someone else’s license!

Let’s get on to the welcomes because after all, that’s what’s most important today!

We start off with @ozonial up in Massachusetts. Lee has a VBA (Vertebrobasilar artery) fusiform aneurysm 4 cm diagnosed about ten years ago. There’s also a possibility of dolichoectasia, a type of arterial disease. Scans have been done every 3 years and the last scan showed it had grown to 6 cm. Lee is getting ready to see a new doctor and have a scan. Lee is needing recommendations for a great surgeon in the Boston area. Lee, start a new topic asking who’s practicing in that area now so our members can respond with who’ve they had up there. You can also look under doctor recommendations with the magnifying glass on the home page and perhaps just type in Boston. Several members go to Boston for aneurysms.

@Cootie is in Southern California. Jess has an unruptured 8mm ophthalmic abnormal shaped aneurysm behind her left eye that was found in October 2023. She’s consulted with three Neurosurgeons and all said treat it. On Monday, she had her coiling procedure given a 50/50 chance. Unfortunately the coiling didn’t work and now she’s going to have a craniotomy. There’s a high risk of vision loss among other things. She’s scared, but trying to accept things daily. We get it Jess. We have many members who’ve been treated through a craniotomy. If you start a new topic under the General or Support tab, I’m sure some members will respond with their experience. You can also use the magnifying glass to search for craniotomy. Jess also shares she’s a 45 year old mom of three loving, supportive and beautiful adult children. (You must be a great Mom!) Jess is also active and passionate about her career working long hours and devoting herself to continuing education. She also tries to find time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. So. Cal. is the only place I’ve ever lived that I could play in the snow, enjoy the desert and watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean all in the same day!

@Miracle13 ends the week’s welcomes. Mariya is up in New York and had a ruptured aneurysm when she was 21. Mariya says it has changed her life forever. A rupture tends to do that for us, doesn’t it? Fortunately she’s a very positive person and has been persistent in achieving the goals set. Good for you, we are happy you joined! We look forward to reading more about your story.

Remember please to watch the date of topics you reply to. I’ve been closing the older ones the day after usually but I may start closing them the day you find and reply to one, simply because I can forget to go back the next day. If you need any help with navigating this site, please reach out to either me (@Moltroub) or the wonderful team @ModSupport and one of us will do our best.

For everyone reading this new and old members alike, please reach out to @Johnnak here Cerebral angiogram coming up
and @Cassiebun here Watch and wait approach

Thanks everyone and have an awesome week!

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Thank you so much for the welcome. I’m not sure if there is another Lee but I’m the one from MA, not CA, and I don’t have any children.

Oh my gosh I do apologize to you and @Cootie who is Jess in CA. Thank you so much for catching it Lee! I really appreciate it. I’ve made the corrections.