14 January 2024 two new members!

Good morning y’all! It is a brisk morning here in my part of NC with it being in the 20’s. But the sun is shining and the wind hasn’t picked up yet so all is good as I sit on the back patio. I love to watch the dogs try to get the squirrels who are a bit fast for them usually. Hopefully by this afternoon, I’ll be able to get up the twigs and mostly small limbs that came down during our storm we just had. Have you ever noticed that the weather forecast isn’t always correct? I’ve been told it’s really hard to forecast weather in our area due to the old mountain range. They were correct in the last county we lived in having a tornado. It was two miles from a friend but it came right down our Project Manager’s driveway and took out about 20-30 trees, part of the roof on his home and demolished his shed. Good thing he knows how to fix it all! He said he already fixed the roof as he had some extra shingles left over. Always keep extra shingles when you have new shingles put on just for this reason as they will more closely match to what you picked out. He will hopefully have the trees taken care of by Summer as he needs to rebuild his shed first. I best get on to the welcomes or I’ll talk about shingles and gardening.

But wait, did you know you can get free soil samples from your local Agricultural Extension Office? Every county has one in the USA. I think ours are free from April through November. I sent some in back in October. It took longer than we were expecting, so I didn’t get the results back soon enough. I need to put 40 lbs of lime down for every 1000 square feet! There are 43,560 sq ft to an acre, so I will have to break it up in sections as I only have a small walk behind spreader and want to do granulated lime instead of powder. As I understand it the granulated type lasts longer and is worth the extra expense. So if where you live in the U.S.A. has a yard, flower or vegetable garden make sure to take advantage of the local County Ag Ext Office! Another thing I’d like to share, if you are in the USA and have an EBT card, don’t forget it can be used to purchase vegetable seeds and vegetable plants! It’s all right here Using SNAP Benefits to Grow Your Own Food | USDA

Now the welcomes! @maryellen is up in Pennsylvania and found out she has a basilar tip aneurysm. MaryEllen developed COVID 3 months ago and had lingering symptoms. She was able to convince her doctor to order an MRI and it showed up. So her angiogram was earlier this month and it was confirmed, a 7.4mm with a 6.1 mm neck. She’ll have her stent and coiling on January 16! Her husband found us whilst searching for a support group because she’s very stressed! Good for you in getting that MRI! Remember to breathe and hydrate well before your procedure. Ask us anything by going to the General or Support tab and clicking on the + sign to start a new topic. We certainly know about the stress aneurysms can cause.

@Grog is up in Wisconsin. Jane had her aneurysm coiled. She shares she had an aneurysm on October 2, 2023 while on a mission trip to Kentucky (I imagine it may have ruptured, but not sure.). She’s going in for a craniotomy in a few days. Jane also loves to bike and camp! We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming procedure. Jane has already started a new topic here Prayers needed

That’s this week’s welcomes. Stay warm or cool depending on where in the world you reside!

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Thanks so much for putting your time and energy into this support group. It really helps hearing other people’s journey when your stress levels are high. In

That’s so nice of you to say. I believe we have the most supportive members in our community! I look forward to reading more of your journey. Please start a new topic, it’s how we all learn.