25 June 2023 new members!

Good Morning Y’all! Can you believe it, our old dogs let me sleep in until 0630, in fact they were still sleeping when I woke up! The sun is actually shining today and we have some beautiful North Carolina blue skies. I was getting a bit tired of the rain to tell you the truth. I know we need rain, we live on a well, so we really need rain but we’ve had a week or so of it and received over six inches in a few days. It’s really hard to get dogs to go outside in the rain. They have taught me well, they make me go out with them LOL. I can tell you for certainty, my dear Uncle told me a story when he would tell me to go out in the rain so I would grow was not correct. Ok, maybe a little correct since I was 4 or 5 at the time…and I did eventually grow taller.

We have new members to welcome how about that!

Starting the week off with @nix down in Australia in the State of Victoria. (Yes had to look it up as I didn’t know what VIC stood for - thank you internet! It sounds like a beautiful place with beaches and mountains). Nix has had two craniotomies! The first in 2018 where a bone pierced the frontal lobe, caused a hemorrhage and was left with frontal lobe injury, clipping failed. The second was in 2019 and thankfully it was successful. Nix is also an artist, a writer and is autistic. That certainly is a lot going on and I do hope you’re concentrating on your artwork and writing! I wonder if the avatar is some of nix’s work?

@Pank is up in Pennsylvania, a beautiful State that I have been to since both my parents grew up in Armstrong County. Pat had a small stroke last year and when they did the scan, they found an aneurysm. Pat shares the cause of it is a congenital venous malformation which is when arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels don’t develop correctly. She is also a retired RN and a grandmother!

We end this week’s welcomes with @AircooledKate23 who is in the United Kingdom in North Yorkshire. Kate is waiting for her coiling and clipping which will happen in July for an unruptured aneurysm. She can’t have it clipped as it’s too close to her ophthalmic nerve. Kate says she’s a nature lover and I believe her, her avatar looks like she’s enjoying a bit of tandem skydiving!

That rounds us up for this week! Go out and enjoy the crisp morning air and take a walk about if nothing else. I’ll be messing around with some timbers so I can get the temporary shelter up and get my tractor over here. Remember to hydrate!

Oh and some basic reminders- if you’re looking at old topics, you will know because it shows something like this - Feb ‘14 that means the month of February and the year of 2014. So it will always show a month abbreviation and the an apostrophe with the last two numbers of the year it was started. If it’s a new post, it will look like this Jun 25 which is June 25 of this year - no apostrophe! Be careful in replying to old posts as you may not receive a reply, better to start a new topic or send a message to the poster themselves.

Also never, ever put your real name, email or phone number in a post. Why you ask? Well, because we cannot protect you from the lurkers on the internet and remember you probably found us by reading our posts on the internet.

Most importantly, if you ever need help negotiating our site, please reach out to either myself, @Moltroub or the wonderful folks who make up @ModSupport. You may have to wait a day as I’m usually on in the mornings and Merl and Ms. Sharon take turns with different groups on different days and then there’s Mr. Richard who is in there somewhere and also moderates the AVM support group.

Have a fantastic week everyone! If you want to help with leveling timbers, come find me back at the tree line behind the house, I could use the help :rofl:

I’m sliding @Jenny215 in Jennifer is here in North Carolina? She’s quite young to me, 37 and is a nurse, mother and wife. Jennifer has been having constant headaches behind her right eye. She went through the MRI and CT scans which showed multiple aneurysms. She’s having her angiogram today (Monday). We wish you the best of luck Ms. Jennifer! Come and start a new topic and let us know how it goes. And just because I live in NC, and taken on Southern ways, I am wondering which hospital you’re being treated at. I have my favorite of course….