21 Jan 2024 welcomes

Good morning y’all! We are still a bit on the cold side, enough that I really want Spring to come. A rare thing for me as I usually enjoy the seasons. We haven’t had any snow or ice so I imagine the ticks and fleas will be a bit of a nuisance come Summer. We have two dogs as y’all probably already know. Our Boxer mix does not like the cold and we are hard pressed to get her to go outside until it gets into the low 30’s. Our long haired mix loves the cold and can’t wait to go outside, such is life.

We had to have some trees taken down, one decent size red oak was dying, another was leaning to the shop. They had to take out some smaller trees to get to the big ones and wouldn’t you know it they cut the underground fence wire! I walked into the shop and the alarm was going off. It’s quite high pitched, you guessed it, my brain went wonky, really wonky! Lost my words, couldn’t process, I’m sure many of you can relate unfortunately. One of the guys working on the tractor shed was kind enough to reconnect the wires because I couldn’t get my brain to work and remember how to do it. I couldn’t find my toolbox full of electrical tools so he used a box cutter and in about five minutes had it up and running. I cannot begin to tell you how kind he was about me losing my words etc. He was quite concerned and must have told his older brother who owns the company as JP kept me down with him for several days. BH was out of town and it took me most of the week to recover. Ten years from rupture and I still am affected by very loud high pitched sounds and very bright light. I have worked on both and there’s a noticeable improvement so there’s my positive, besides the wires being fixed! Always look for the positive, it helps us every day.

Let’s do our welcomes shall we?

@Carollou starts us off! She’s up in the Midwest part of the USA. Carol ruptured two years ago and she had a craniotomy. She woke up one day with a severe headache and managed to get to the bathroom to vomit. Then she went back to bed and slept for 72 hours! She woke up, fell and broke her wrist. I’m unsure how she got to the hospital but she did and was flown to Indianapolis by helicopter. Carol shares it was the scariest experience of her life, she is well but has problems walking. We sure know a few things about that Ms. Carol and we can certainly share our experiences and some tricks to help. Just ask by starting a new topic under General or Support by clicking in the tab and “+” sign!

We also get to welcome @Wendybeans up in Ontario, Canada! Wendy shares that she was diagnosed with vertigo on November 25, 2023 and the symptoms continued. She went back to hospital and had a CTA scan which showed a 1.5cm x 1.4 cm aneurysm on her left AICA! She had her angiogram with coils a month ago and is looking for support and information to help her on her healing journey. We can certainly do both Ms. Wendy! Just ask away and we can share what we have learned.

That’s our newest members which we are extremely happy to welcome! We hope both of you will become active on our site. Have a good week y’all!