29 October 2023 newest members

This morning is beautiful! The moon is peeking through the leaves, the leaves were falling with the breeze sounding like rain, it’s a comfortable 57 degrees. Who could ask for more? When Winter hits, I’ll be bundled up and still sitting on the back porch unless we get ice or snow of course. When that happens, I’ll have to figure out a different place to drink my morning tea and coffee. I have time, our Winter won’t be here for a few more months. Unless of course you pay attention to the persimmons which say we are to have a bad Winter. I haven’t looked at the Almanac because I haven’t bought one. I use the one started here in NC and not the better known one I understand the better known one is saying our Winter won’t be so bad. I’ve already decided that I will not clear the driveway so BH can just hunker down with me if we get that much.

Today is going to be a busy day for me. I need to take soil samples and get them to the Ag Extension Office before November since they’re free right now. Yes, I’ve had the kits for months, but we had fire ants and I was not digging into fire ants! I need to draw out the yard in sectors, on paper of course, and then label all the sectors on the kit. I don’t have one of those fancy tools to take samples so shovel it will be. Then I have to take samples where the shovel hasn’t touched the soil, put it in a clean bucket, mix it up and package it up. Fortunately I’m getting help!

If you’ve been reading the welcomes each week, then you know how important it is we ask for help. It’s also important that we offer help when we can. Helping is after all, the basis of our support group. Let’s see if we can give and receive help to our newest members…

@Mabh212 is up in Delaware. Maryanne had a stroke back this past June and fortunately she was diagnosed and treated early (I wonder if the gave her TPA). She shares she has no lingering effects from the stroke but the scan showed several small aneurysms on her communication artery. She has to wait to review the results with a specialist, so no treatment yet.

@Razorecko is in Illinois. AJ has been having horrible migraines and is missing both the ACA and PCA arteries. Unsure if AJ has an aneurysm or not, hopefully we will learn more. AJ is a fan of all things mechanical and biological which for some reason makes me think of robotics…

Big welcome to both of you! Please remember we are an open internet group which means everything we post is available to everyone on the internet. Don’t use any specific identifying things like your email, phone number, full name etc. We try to catch and remove those things but we cannot be on here 24/7. If you need any help navigating the site just reach out to me (@Moltroub) or the folks with @ModSupport and one of us will help. Please start a topic or respond to an existing one, it’s the way we give and receive help!

I’ll leave y’all with this, one of my all tie, favorite songs https://youtu.be/DFR2XQ-UHug?si=aXrfZh7tIpxbpCKq. Have a great week!

If you’re one of the thousands of “crawlers” who read but don’t sign up to be a member, please do think about signing up, I bet you can help us as much as we can help you!

Mabh212 update: I had a stroke earlier in 2023 but scans discovered 3 aneuryms . The largest is 3.5 mm. I have been working with an interventional radiologist with a speciality with brain aneurysm. This doctor seems really confident when explaining my scans and spends time listening and answering questions.( I have had many questions). Doctor believes all my anueyrmns are too little to do any surgical procedures so it will be a yearly flow up scans to check for any changes in the shapes or size. I kind of block out that in my mind that I have these brain aneurysms to help with my emotional well being. It is great to have this support group . Thank you.