18 November 2023 newest members, yippee!

Good Morning y’all! It’s a pretty brisk morning here in North Carolina and I love it! I had to take over mowing and blowing leaves as I seem to have angered the young man who has been mowing this year. I told him to stop blowing the leaves under some trees and it royally made him madder than a hornet. He left without doing anything and didn’t tell me. Why didn’t I want him to continue blowing the leaves under the trees next to my shop you wonder? They were about 2 feet or more in some places deep! I do not care for mice, nor Copper Heads and they love to live in leaves. He was also piling them up against the trunks which isn’t good at all. Have you ever walked amongst the trees and noticed that leaves don’t build up against the trunks? It’s a survival thing. When leaves build up, more insects can access the bark and eventually kill the tree, just like mulch, or so a Forest Ranger told me. He said it’s always best to leave at least a couple of feet clearance around the trunk of a tree, better yet, don’t put anything around them.

Since today is BH’s birthday and we have plans to go out to eat and a movie, I better get started on the welcomes!

@kmichelejim is in Kansas which always makes me think of the Wizard of Oz. Michele has a 6mm cerebral aneurysm, already did her angiogram and will be having a craniotomy December 13, it’s a Wednesday, I checked. Michele has been a busy mother and grandmother! She has five adult children and eight grandchildren! Michele also shares that she takes care of her adult autistic daughter. I’m sure Michele will try to find a way to explain what’s going on with her and how her adult daughter can help. A rough situation to be in for sure…hopefully her other children can help out.

@Vrushal is in Maharashtra, India. Vrushal had coiling back in 2016 for a brain aneurysm and has been searching for a support group for a long time. Vrushal also shares that a simple person who thinks that compassion and humanity are the greatest virtues. We are so glad you found us, finally!

Last up is @Melis00 who is out in California. Melissa was treated with a clip. Her symptoms started out with some mild peripheral vision loss in her left eye back in June 2022. Melissa had to see a lot of specialists, ophthalmologist, retinal specialist, Neurologist, and Neuro Ophthalmologist! She was finally diagnosed with a 6mm aneurysm in her let ophthalmic artery in February this year. Dang that’s a lot of visits to specialists! She had her craniotomy at New York Presbyterian in May. Melissa also shares that as a Physician Assistant, being a patient has been a whole new experience for her. It’s certainly odd to not be the helper and have to be the patient! We certainly know how it feels to be a patient here and can support you with our experiences.

That’s the newest members for the week. Thank you for joining it means a lot to us. The more we can support each other, the stronger we become as a group.

I just want to remind all our members, that folks in the medical field can share their experiences and knowledge, just like the rest of us. They cannot give a diagnosis as we are not their patient. So please be mindful of that.

For our new members, if you find the site difficult to navigate, just send me a PM @Moltroub or the folks I lean on @ModSupport and we will help you out! Also remember we are in different parts of the world, so be patient in waiting for replies, it may be the next day due to the difference in time zones.

I’ve had this song stuck in my head this week https://youtu.be/ihISJq5Aty0?si=u9G3RqxyVlEWVZmJ. I met Cindy Jordan back in 1981 when she sang at a small Mexican restaurant across the street from where I worked. Every time we’d go in, she would stop singing whatever song she was singing and start right up with Jose Cuervo. Why this song? Well, we went to get our coffee beans last week and they had some non-alcoholic bottles and of course we picked up the tequila🤣. I think we will be trying it tonight!