12 Nov 2023 newest members

Good morning world! It’s a beautiful fall morning with deer and leaves and the plethora of white oak acorns in our humble yard. The acorns are a delicacy to the deer, unfortunately the dogs keep the deer from eating more. I may just have to sweep the acorns up and drop them a bit into the woods so the deer can get to them. I didn’t do much this week, got a bug of some sort. Had to stay away from everyone which is hard with all we have going on but I managed to keep at least ten feet from the pole barn guys when they needed answers to different things. Whatever I had made my brain tired as all get out so difficult to process and speak. But the guys were great about it, which helps tremendously.

I did access my portal and thank my Neurosurgeon for saving my life ten years ago. Can you believe I just figured out the day I remember meeting her was Veterans Day? Apparently I’m a little slow LOL. A big thank you to all our Veterans, your service is much appreciated.

We have some new members to welcome, so let’s get to reading about them!

@Tracy is in California. Sadly Tracey is lost and we need to help her folks. She shares her husband of 21 years had two ruptured aneurysms and has yet to wake up fully. He has opened his eyes and she thinks he know she is there. He has squeezed her hand, has said “help” and his name and he mumbles. It’s not been quite two weeks since his rupture but Tracey is feeling lost and alone. You can find her first topic here My husband had 2 ruptured brain aneurysms last week he's 62 they put coils in. He still hasn't woke up. He's in ICU. Please reach out to her.

@WriterByTheSea is in Oregon. Kelly had 2 aneurysm fixed one back in 2015 and one in 2019. She has developed 2 more which her wonderful Neurosurgeon Dr. Lucian Maidan of Mercy San Juan Hospital in Carmichael California says are inoperable due to location. Kelly writes an interesting and amazing story. They had just relocated and she had started a new job with the State of California. She started having headaches daily which was new even with a history of migraines. She figured with the new job and the move, it was just stress. Then she started having double vision on and off again. Like most people in the 60-70 age range, she has the “if I’m not dead, I’m going to work” attitude, so she went to work. She tried getting in to a doctor but none would see her due to her symptoms and suggested she go to the ER. Kelly’s husband had gone back to their old home 400 miles away but a co-worker overheard her trying to get in to see a doctor. The do-worker suggested an Urgent Care close to where they work and even offered to drive her. Kelly went to the Urgent Care and eventually found out she had a double bisecting aneurysm. It was huge at 2.5 cm! Dr. Maidan coiled it and then coiled another in 2018. He also told her she has a tendency to grow aneurysms and he can’t explain why. Kelly deals with the occasional double vision and headaches now. She also thanks God and the Universe every day. Kelly warns all that if you start to see double, don’t wait go straight to the ER. Good advice Kelly! Please start a new topic under the General tab, I’d certainly like to know more about your story!

Last up for this week is @Gennie who had an aneurysm apparently treated and now it’s filling up with blood. Gennie, please start a new topic under General tab so we can help.

For all our members…please take some time to respond to topics and not just read them. We can’t help others if we don’t respond and isn’t help and support why we all joined? Y’all don’t need to write as much as Merl and I do, we can get pretty lengthy, but do take a few minutes, please…