19 February 2023 we have new members!

Good Morning y’all! It’s another chilly Sunday morning but warmer than yesterday morning by about 10 degrees! Woo Hoo! Daffodils and crocus have started to bloom, pansies are looking good and the Robins are back all signs here in my neck of the woods that Spring is right around the corner. I love a nippy morning with a warmer but not hot afternoon so Spring and Fall are my seasons, what are yours?

We get to welcome some new members! And I need to get started before the sun comes up. So grab a cup of Joe or a cuppa (I think that’s hot tea, @DickD can correct me if I’m wrong) and let’s read about the newest ones starting with …

@Kisha up in New York was diagnosed with a 2 cm aneurysm the day before her birthday. The doctors are baffled with her survival and my guess is she had surgery pretty quick. She now has to deal with hair loss, head and neck pain, eye pain and her right eye is completely shut. That’s a lot to deal with but Kisha has four wonderful children who hopefully are helping her through all this.

@Leah is up in Massachusetts and had clipping (craniotomy patients get clipped in case you didn’t know). She had an eye stroke and the CT scan showed her aneurysm. Leah is a mother to 3 and Grandma to 4. If she was in the South, she’d probably be a Granny or MaMaw and not a Grandma. But there’s lots of names for Grandmother status…

@jenigo4arts is also up North, in Indiana. Jen has a 7mm unruptured aneurysm on the anterior communicating artery (ACA). Her sister survived a ruptured aneurysm which lead to the siblings being tested. (A very smart move of the, don’t you think?). Her Neurosurgeon used a Woven Endovascular Basket in January 2022. Her six month angiogram showed the aneurysm wasn’t fully occluded so she’s going under for a stent next week! Jen and her husband of 20 years have a blended family it’s the Yours, Mine and Ours which makes me laugh as it’s one of my favorite movies… The oldest (his) just left the Navy after six years and is a nuclear engineer, the middle (hers) is an art educator at a high school and the ours is their youngest in high school. Jen has been an art therapist at a behavioral health hospital working with minors for 27 years!

@Bella371 is down in Florida. Kathryn is on the watch and wait list with a 2mm aneurysm. She is also the caregiver for her husband who is currently in remission with cancer, so there’s a bit on her plate is my guess.

That’s all for this week. We’d love to read more of your stories…just start a new topic under the General tab. Any problems reach out to me or @ModSupport and we can help you with navigating the site. I think Ms. Jen has inspired me as I want to go grab my colored pencils…

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Welcome to all the new members! :sunny: