What do I need to know

In 2 weeks I go to the neurosurgeon for post-op follow-up. Nov I had SAH. It was clipped. I was completely out for 2 weeks, barely awake for the 3rd, then 3 more weeks in rehab for total of 6 weeks down. That's about all I know.

I am doing great. I am one of the lucky ones. I do have lots of aches and pains and my head feels that weird combination of numbing pain. Only taking BP meds.

I feel like I should have a million questions for the doc, and don't know what they are. My PT said I will probably only get vague answers ........... Also she said that the aches and pains, (no matter where they are) are probably directly related the the SAH, does that make sense to anyone?

So many on here seem to have had multiple issues for many many years, the only thing I did ask at the 1 month post-op appt. was if I needed to worry about more SAH. Doc said no more at risk than anyone.

If you would post back any questions that from your experience I should know the answer to I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, I was wondering if I needed a neurologist. I don't have one, as far as I know I wasn't seen by one at all

Hi Pat...This is good news indeed...continue your journey resting and healing...

I think I would ask about medications? (ie., I take aspirin 325mg for the rest of my life due to annies), and I would ask when my next angio checkup to see how things are going?

And ~ yes...they tell you so little ... You are on a good path of healing...

Cyber~continued healing your way....Colleen

Thanks and back at you! How is your latest ordeal going?

Hi Pat,

I'd like to echo what Jim said - neursurgeons cut. Find a good neurologist and a good primary care physician. Some PCPs are more talented than others so you may need both. The PCP can help you determine whether you symptoms are related to something "common" or if it is likely to be neuro related and require more tests.

An example (I have lots of these): about 3 years ago, I was very stressed at work. I had noticed a little dizziness for a couple of days - not constant and not wavering, I was just feeling a little off. I discussed this with my PCP and, after listening to me rant and rave about my work problems and then examining me, he recommended that I wear a cervical collar for a month. He also knew that I had neck problems from a car accident some years ago, that I have aneurysms and everything else that's wrong with me. He also knew that I'd be even more stressed out if he told me that I couldn't go on my business trip.

So, I bought collar, wore it and left for a 2 week trip to Europe a couple of days later. It was interesting the comments that I got including one from a very high level manager who told me that it was what he does when he goes on a long trip in the car. I didn't have any more problems with dizziness until the other day after the angiogram. And, guess what, I put on the cervical collar for a few hours and it was gone.

Let me echo Jim's comment and recommend that you write down everything that you have a questions about - things that you've read on this site and any particular ache, pain or other reaction that you're having that concerns you. If you can, please take someone that you trust to the appointment with you. Have them sit in the room with you and the doctor while you go through the questions. They may hear something important that you don't.

Also, when making your list, please leave enough space below or to the side of your questions so that you have space to write the answers you are given. And please don't hesitate to ask the doctor to repeat what he or she has said if you don't understand or didn't hear clearly.

Good luck to you. Please be assertive......this is your life.