I need some information

Hi I am just 1 month out of surgery and i guess no one has told me how far back to normal i should be... I might be pushing myself to much, but i know i get really tired really fast and this scares me... Do you all have any input you can give me...I also worry what i should be watching for, as far as signs of something wrong ?

Hi Moni,

I am only two weeks post myself. I feel pretty good during the day and every day I feel stronger. I think I would feel a lot worse if I didn't take vitamins. I take a daily vitamin with minerals, 1,000 units of Vitamin C with bioflavanoids, CoQ10 for the heart, fish oil supplement, calcium and glucosamine and chondroitin. It seems though shortly after we eat dinner it's like a switch goes off and I'm so tired I can only lay around. I think we need to listen to our bodies and not push something. Our brains get tired faster because they are healing and also running the rest of the show with our bodies. Don't get too discouraged and hang in there. Even if you only improve a little each day be thankful for that. I'll be thinking of you. Take care,


Hi Moni...it is important to realize the brain takes times to heal...and rest is important...unfortunately, it takes along time to not feel so fatigued...infact, I find myself 2 years after my aneurysm surgery...that I tire quickly at the end of the day...~ gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Guess I have echo what Bonnie, Jo and Colleen have said. Take it slow and easy. Rest a lot. You are still in the early stages of recovery so please be careful.

Lotsa naps! Walk everyday, and get outside for some sunshine and natural vitamin D -- very important to keep your spirits up too. Cut yourself a lot of slack for not feeling "normal" and just go with what you've got going on now. Lean on whomever you can, and adapt to when you're tired. Listen to what your body tells you, take notes, adjust your world to when your body needs rest, and drink lots and lots of water. Your brain is 85% water, and needs the constant flow to keep not only hydrated but get flushed out. Plus you're probably on some form of pain/headache medication, so you want to flush that through as well.

Hope you're doing well! =) It does get better!

Hi Moni,

It's funny, I found the website fairly soon after my aneurysm burst last year (http://www.bafound.org/recovery) but I only just found this forum part today. There's a lot of good info on the website. I think the forum will help too. Get lots of rest and try not to worry about the little stuff. I like that Jo can email her doctor. I tried to email mine once and it got lost because their email system wasn't working well. Always call if you aren't getting answers. I'm still sleeping at least 10 hours a night after a year. It takes time.


Hi Moni, you seemed to have the surgery right around the time I had mine. Mine ruptured on November 9th and was operated on on Nov 9th. Was yours a ruptured one? It sounds like it since you collapsed. It is normal to be tired according to my Dr. and also to have headaches. He told me energy will slowly come back and what helps is to set a little bit of schedule. Like getting up at a certain time, take a walk at a certain time etc...he gave me like a time of 3 month but some people need even longer. It also depends on how severe everything was.

yes mine ruptured i was taken to the hospital on the 7th in the evening and they called the surgeon in and i was taken into surgery right away.. I am finally starting to get stronger and not quite as tired... This has all been so over whelming as i am the person who was never sick and then to have to have everyeone take care of me, it's been a lot... I was told it was very severe as my husband was told that the doctor really didnt think i would live, and the Dr was very suprised i made it through surgery and how well iam doing.....

Mine was 2 days later but I was conscious till I was rolled into surgery 5 hours after these horrible symptoms. (blurry vision, sweats, and the worst headache of my life) Mine was fairly small but they told my husband as well that the outcome is uncertain. I am in the same boat as you, so overwhelming. I was never sick as well and it is from time to time very depressing. But all what counts is that we are alive! We made it through such a horrifying illness. Hang in there! It will get better I am certain. I am out of the hospital since 3 weeks and the improvements in energy and headaches are already unbelievable! We just need to give it time and learn patience. (which is very hard for me... :-))