Weird censations in my head!

Sometimes I feel like sweat or blood is running down the inside of my head. It's not just one particular place but it does happen now and again. My husband said maybe it is nerves which make since. I mean they did drill and hole in my head to help releave pressure build up. (Oh and the sun I can't stay in the sun for long periods of time ~ I get a sick & faintish feeling) Does anyone get that! I forgot to ask my doctor on Friday. But I will be calling him on Tuesday. I just wanted to know if I was the the only one with this feeling. Maybe it's when I am tired. (who knows)

Be Blessed and Lots of Hugs!!!!!



I had some materials that talked about many people reporting this sensation. I had tingling and hot flashes for a long time. Not sure if it was from the SAH, coiling etc or menopause. (It seems the SAH was all it took for my ovaries to give up). Just another pleasant side effect to have to deal/live with. Good luck with the Dr.



Hi Tiffany, I also had these feelings post SAH, and a year on still find the sun a bit of a problem, so you are not alone though you should always check any peculiar findings with your doctor, have a good day, Jill xxxxxxx

Thanks everyone for responding to me. I am now waiting for my return phone call from the doctors as seeing I missed the first one.(working) But the nurse always call back1

Lots of hugs!!!


Yes I had that after my surgery but they said it could be type of migrain or could be stress ..Which I thought was no real answer. It happens less often now.