Hey scalp, what are ya doin' up there!?

Okay, guys & ladies… Tomorrow will be 10 weeks post clipping surgery for me. I’ve noticed some odd scalp sensations lately. Not painful, but they catch me off guard. Sometimes I’ll get a shock like pain lasting just a second or two… But today I’ve noticed when I stretch or yawn, my scalp feels “tight” on the side of surgery. My right side. It doesn’t hurt, except for being tender of course, and the site of the ventricle tubes (started on right, had to move it to left) is very tender. The back of my head on the right side is numb-ish.

Just wondering if any of y’all have had those shooting, shock/burn like pains every now & then, or if your scalp feels tight like there isn’t enough skin to stretch around your skull, almost. Those are the only ways I can think to describe the sensations! Haha I hope someone else knows what I’m talking about!

Thank you for your time and answers! :slight_smile:

Hi Robin...

I think I saw others who were clipped talk about this same thing or similar...it makes me wonder if everything is healing and you are getting back sensation...I hope you get more responses...but you know if you don't what I always say, when in Doubt, call the Doctors office and ask ... Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

I had the quick pains (not really painful, just enough to notice), too. I called them my Harry Potter scar pains, since in the books & movies Harry would get pains in his scar. Typing this, I realize that I can't remember the last time I had one of those shooting pains. My clipping was last summer.

Funny you should say that. I am 8 weeks post clipping and get those quick zaps and I tell my husband, “oh no, Voldemort is close again.”

hi robin i too had my anurysm clipped 23rd jan this year after a SAH jan6th....i too have the very same feelings thot it was all in my imagination. hope your well if like me the emotional part of all this is quite unnerving....early days everyone keeps saying....have you in my thoughts Janis :o)

Hi Robin, im 2months post operation and my scalp is still numb at the left side but someties i get the same shock pain you said in my left side

Hi Robin, I had my aneurysm clipped on 29th Nov 2011, and had exactly the same feeling as you! Now 5 months post surgery the sharp pains have subsided but i still have the tight feeling on my head/scalp when I stretch! My head still feels very numb , especially when I am tired. I also experience a very heavy feeling in my head when I lift my head off my pillow in the morning, almost like I have a weight in my head…do you get this, or anyone else experienced this? Good luck with your continued recovery. JO

Oh your post is like reading my brain! my scalp drives me nuts! I am just shy of 6 month post op. response from docs has been: oh well, it may go away, don't worry about it. It hurts to wash my hair! Not bad pain, but very irritating. Sometimes it feels like my scar is stretching open!