Weird feeling

Has anyone had a feeling as if there was a tune fork set on the top of your head vibrating and having ringing afterwards?

Hi Sharie,

I don't know if you had surgery or not, I have not but I do get some strange things that happen. Sometimes I get this feeling of what I describe as maybe a headrush and tender spots. I don't even know if it is related to the annie, but I now contribute every little symptom to it. Short term memory has gotten much worse, balance is a little off and I think vision has changed. Maybe I've had these before, but now I am more aware and pay attention. I will talk to the surgeon next month.

I get the head rush as well and I also am attributing every symptom to mine as well but trying to stay positive. It’s because we’re scared and don’t know. I have not had surgery. I’m still waiting to hear from the surgeon. My Annie is I believe from my own research in the acom I’m not sure I could be wrong. The info is just overwhelming. The feeling I got last thursday was like getting hit on the top of the head or better description if you can imagine of a tuning fork set on the top of your head and it is vibrating. My shot term has also gotten bad and before my headaches my vision gets blurry. I’m suppose to hear today from my surgeon but i keep hearing “maybe tomorrow”.

Sometimes, especially at night and especially in the first weeks after surgery (coil, stent) I feel like my head is 'buzzing,' for lack of a better word, and I can feel kind of out of it - maybe a little dissociated or dream-like. It's really unsettling and I hate it. If I've had lots of visual stimulation, or am really tired from a busy day, it seems to be worse. It's just an odd feeling - hard to put into words - but unpleasant. The good thing is, it really goes away and now is coming less frequently.

Hi Jennifer,
So you did have this before surgery and yes that is just what I’m talking about. This has been happening for years but thankfully not often. As you mention having a lot of visual stim and being tired that totally makes sense. Ever since finding out about the aneurysm I have been having a difficult time sleeping. It’s getting better I have come to terms with it and we’ll just deal with it. It is what it is. I work on a computer all day so the visual stim makes sense. And yes the dissociated dream-like feeling was right after the “buzz” and I was tired right after that. I had a 20 year history of seizures when I was younger and thought that is what was happening.
I have also heard from my neurosurgeon’s office and they are giving me an appointment in 5-6 weeks. I would have thought for the initial visit it would have been sooner. Did you get a second opinion? I have been told I should.
Thanks again,

Hi Sharie-

I didn't have this feeling pre-surgery, and (knock on wood) it's decreasing as I get farther away from surgery (8 weeks tomorrow). I still get shades of it, and it's almost disorienting - but since it's going towards improvement I'm not too worried. One of the doctors said that the brain has to get used to having something new in it....which makes total's literally a weight change and substance change -so I guess I put it in the category of my brain getting used to the new hardware. How's yours going?