Curios about some facial tingling

I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage on Dec 23, 15 which was coiled. I have been back to work since late March and working nearly 40 hours. I have no major complications, but have noticed a strange sensation in my face since June 26th. I can only explain it like a numbing, tingling sensation that is on my left cheek. Anyone else have any experience with this.

Hey Janel,

Tingling? YES!!! and all sorts of other weird sensations too. The dr's have blamed all sorts of things for these sensation. First they said optical, so I had my eyes checked and now wear glasses. No difference . Then they said dental, so I had all of my top teeth removed and now wear a denture. No difference. Then it was pointed out as my ears so I had them tested, my hearing is fine. And still I have these sensations. My last neuro appointment I was told it was all psychological. "OHH , PISS OFF..." was my response. I have now given up on the medicos having any answers. If they cannot name it or give it a label then everything becomes a psychological issue. They simply put it back on the patient.

The closest I came to an answer was via an ophthalmologist. I have had 6 neurosurgeries in total and the ophthal said it may be caused by scar tissue close to or around nerves. He told me that the surgeons could operate to remove any scar tissue effecting the nerves BUT that by operating further scar tissue would be created, this could have the affect of even worse 'nerve pain'. When I mentioned scar tissue to the neuro's as being a cause HOLY HELL, did I get a reaction, and it was not a good one. They interpreted this as me pointing the blame at them, where blame is the last thing I'm looking at. My question is more what could be the cause? than blame. So be aware/cautious of how you frame your questions. Dr's do not like being questioned!!! Especially the specialists.


I had a SAH in 2014 which was also coiled and later a stent put in and although I only get tingling in the sole of my right foot only about once a month I do have other things like small blue flashes in my eyes a few times a week and random stabbing pains in my head from time to time. I know I have been very lucky to have such minor consequences of my SAH but have come to the conclusion that after having something as serious as a SAH you are very unlikely to be 100% again after it.

Do you have teh tingling totally ALL the time, or itermittantly? Do you wake up with it? When totally relaxed ? Is it worse when youre stressed out, like commuting?
A clinic I go to just found that patients after operation like ours often become very allergic, when before the op they were not allergic. Theyre studying it: so far theory is stress. Stress reduces some natural body protection functions. You and me are stressed because we are having to work harder to live with loss of some brain power. Not necessarily conscous brain power. I find the antihistamine chlorpheniramine maleate helps reduce it, it also relaxant. Try it, and if it doesnt help, then ignore this theory. So ty "the scientific method" i.e. test just one thing at a time.

~My story is that after surgery I was plagued by scattered prickly intchy sensation all over my face sometimes and not others, but could not figure out what it was for about 5 years after surgery. Now I have two dogs and one day I petted one of them and immediately got it bad. Later I petted my other and didnt get the itching at all. Nobody else experienced any difference. So Took dog to vet and they found the applied flea medicine didn work on that dog, and also that dog was allergic to fleas, so he gave her oral medicine and my itching reduced. But I now notice it starts itching in dusty rooms, and damp like my basement (mold spores). The herb Calendula sends me into terrible state.