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Vertigo after 2 years of successful SAH Clipping

My father suffered a SAH back in November 2016. Alhamdulilah, he had a successful clipping with no residual of disease & speedy recovery. His recovery was a long & tough process with a number of ups & downs, but he had been doing until now. Recently he has been going through episodes of severe vitiligo. It has been a month since this has been happening on & off. What I have observed that he usually complains about the vitiligo when he wakes up. He has been taking Serc for that. It seems to be working sometimes. I am worried about him. Can anyone please guide me that what might be the reason for his vitiligo? Does anybody else experience any such thing? What should I do?

Could it be an ear problem and not related?

Could it be low blood pressure?

You’ve got two great possibilities…I would suggest getting him in to his doctor.

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Vitiligo is when people lose pigment from their skin. Vertigo is dizziness. Which one is the problem?

Yes it can be cured. My physical therapist did the exercises with my head and it has gone away. Read and research vertigo on Google and watch the treatment on YouTube.

I began having vertigo 2 years ago. It comes and goes depending on how I swing my head around. I am very, very careful now. I also do vestibular exercises because my left eye was severely damaged by the SAH as was my left ear. I am deaf in that ear. I am trying to retrain my brain to help my balance, but it’s tough. I take meclizine when it gets really bad.

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My original burst was in 2017 as well, and coiled. 6 months later they put a stent in from of the 2 remaining annies… ( so my total was 3 annies ) I too, recently, have been light headed upon waking up and little bursts through out the day, in which I was told my equilibrium was off, I am assuming this is like vertigo - and I have learned it is common after any head trauma. I am not being treated for it, but this is a new finding, so we will see.

I have had vertigo since my surgery in 2017. At first , it was very bad, but it has gotten better. Now I get it, when I am stressed, tired and th weather. I also lose balance and veer to my left. I have had physical therapy and other treatment but it has not eliminated. I also, have triggers, lots of people, lighting, etc. All and all, there are good and bad days.