Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to this site. I suffered a SAH back in December which left me out of work for a month. they discovered the aneurysm in February and clipped it. From the time of my SAH and until now, I have been experiencing intense disequilibrium. It feels like the floor sinks while I am walking. Very scary sensation. Could this he caused by the aneurysm or is this something completely unrelated to the aneurysm?

Hi Jameel I hope you have discussed this problem with your doctor. You may need to see a specialist. I know that has to be a awful feeling. My prayers are with you. I suffered a rupture annie in Oct 2011. I will keep you in my prayers and please keep us posted as to what the doctor says.

God Bless

Lots of Hugs!!!


Hi Jameel...Tiffany gave you good advice...please talk to your neurologist about the disequilibrium....

Gotcha in my thoughts and prayers...Colleen

Hi Jameel,

I agree that you should call your neurologist but please also talk with your PCP. Do you have any issues with your neck or inner ear?

I hope that you can get this resolved quickly. Thanks be to God for your successful surgery.


hi Jameel- not sure what you mean but my balance is shot,thatsgreat you were only out of work one month tho. Did you have emergency type of sah or did they detect it from an x ray? i am amazed your back to work since i have been out for 3 years on the 26th, hope your issues resolve so you can function well at your work, good luck & may God bless you & yours

Hi Jameel. I was a December annie too! I ended up going to an ENT because of vertigo issues...after a few tests it was determined that I have damage to the "balance area" of my brain. Because I am almost up for my 6 month angiogram, they are "suppressing" the diziness and nausea until I get an all clear and then will start "exercises" to help me attempt to "retrain" my brain in that area...after reading the list though I figure I'll spend a lot of time on the floor!!! LOL!! Anyway I would definitely suggest an ENT to do a "balance" test....they aren't very comfy but at least you get to find something out!!! Good luck!