Problems ...?

I am almost 2 years past clipping . I have had many issues of dizziness , headaches . forgetting things .. noise and motion problems . but for the last month I have been VERY dizzy , like sit down before I fall down , and a few times my hearing seems to go in and out with this . My doctor thinks Im imagining it all , created by my brain , but wont run a mri or even blood test ..!! My hubby thinks its from all the medication I take (which It may be ) because Im aware of myself now . Ideas ?? thought ?? should I worry ?? I have just been sitting it out waiting for them too pass then go back to what I was doing .. or go to bed . I guess I keep thinking if I pass out someone will HAVE too do something !!

Cathy....welcome back...wish it was for other reasons....prayers you are very careful and do not fall...

Soooo, your doc will not prescribe an MRI...but does prescribe a lot of med...likely and presumaly the meds you are taking are prescribed?

When was your last blood test? And, is it the routine, or checkig more factors?

Can you call your neurosurgeon or neurologist...or do you need your doc's referral to get to a neuro specialist?


..Considering your symptoms, I wouldn't even think about talkng to the GP ,, I'd go to an ER at a decent hospital that has a qualified Neuro team and demand an MRA ! You have a history of brain aneurysm, you've undergone brain surgery, its not like you imagined all that two years ago, right? YOU are the one who has control here, not your GP and not your Hubby....your GP won't even run a blood test? Go to the ER....they HAVE to treat you.

Peace, Janet

I had issues and continued to have them with dizzy and then falling...I was checked out my Neurologist and he had me go and have hearing and balance tests...they were done to make sure none of my problems were related to my hearing and balance...sure enough all went good so he told me that all of my problems stem from my coiling and brain aneurysm...or course nothing else is said as to how to I understand your feeling...and I don't think it would be good for you to pass need have a Doctor who will listen, perhaps if you would see a Neurologist...~ keep us posted on your progress...Thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Janet and Cathy and all..

Cathy...what adds to high interest/curiosity...why a GP will not order/grant an MRI/A and/or CT/A...but apparently prescribes sufficient meds to be of concern to your hubby?

Prayers your hubby will be the advocate w/you asking the GP about all of this...if for work related issues, he cannot, please have family/friend as an advocate w/you... Write/print your list of symptoms / questions...Have advocate w/you, whether to ER or a visit w/ GP.

Keep your med history w/ your meds...any supplements... and document your existing symptoms...from start to current, to advancements / declines...

Many many of us can tell our stories of falling...and the results...

Prayers your advocate will be w/you...