Hi all,

Haven't posted for a bit as don't want to bore with my moaning! :-)

I haven't heard a thing from the hospital since my angiogram on the 23rd September and the wait is starting to really get to me. I chased up the hospital on friday and was told that my Consultant has now received the results, but that he is now on annual leave for 2 weeks so to ''not hold my breath''. His secretary was very patronising and didn't seem to appreciate how utterly terrifying this is. OK, I may not have ruptured (thank you god) but that doesn't make me any less important!

I feel like my life is on hold at the moment and i'm really starting to get quite depressed and tearful.

Also i keep getting these damned headaches and sharp stabbing pains in my head. They do go with painkillers and I'm sure that I'm reading more into them than exists but I'm sure im getting them more than before!

Thank you all, whinge over for today!!! stay well xxxx

Hi Kerry...Thanks for the update...but this is unacceptable...call back...tell them you want to talk to someone else...not the patronizing lady...and tell them...you are upset and need an answer...be persistent...I know that is the worse for you right now...but I sorta had the same problem...and btwn me my neuro and another Doc...they got mine looked at...and within a week I had an appt and another 2 weeks for surgery...I was so persistent...that the Neurosurgeon said..."he couldn't wait to meet me..." and he actually said with a smile on his face...it is your Life...

Annie's whether ruptured or unruptured...are important to be addressed...gotcha in my prayers...Colleen

Thanks Colleen, I just feel that ive been fighting for the last couple of years for anyone to recognise that there is actually something wrong with me and now that they've found out that there is, and I'm not actually going mad, they're still not helping me. Just getting me a bit down.

I will take your advice and ring again tomorro! Thank you xx


I agree with Colleen!! Get on them and don't give up until they do something. My motto is, I'll bug you until you do something to shut me up!!! It usually works very well because the last thing they want is someone calling them every day, once an hour, until some answer is given ;)

Stay strong, and insist that someone can give you the results of your angio!

Best of luck, I'll keep you in my prayers.


To be honest Kerry…I am better at giving advice …then taking my own…lol, I so understand…I have been there…and you know what, sometimes we need to take stock…maybe tommorrow sit and write down some notes and think about what you want to do next…and then call the day after… I think I feel the same, been fighting for my health so much…through the years…and I do understand being down…Sending Good vibes your way…Hugs Colleen

Kerry, w/o question...agree w/Colleen and Linda...It is truly amazing (repulsive?) to imagine the lack of courtesy. the recovery time on an angio is apx 4 hours before discharge; which could readily have provided time for a brief explanation which, at least, would suggest courtesy.

If you cannot get that minor courtesy, consider looking for another neuro / facility.

Prayers for you, for your comfort, for your decisions.

thanks all for your replies! I did try and ring again today but no joy, the secretary doesn't work Tuesday's and no one else can help - apparantly!

Just a question though, the more I read the more i'm confused. If he says that I am suitable for coiling, which I suspect I will be, should I go ahead with that or should I ask for it to be clipped? Which is better in the long term bearing in mind im 40?

Any advice gratefully received!

Hi Kerry how r u doing? Cyber hugs and thoughts Colleen

Hi Colleen, thank you for thinking of me!

I've finally got an appointment for my results, the 9th November. Mind you, ive had to wait so long for the angio and then the results it probably won't be until after Xmas now for the surgery! xx


I hope this long wait that you have means good news. I am praying for you. My annie was not ruptured and I had bad headaches before the embolization. Most days were draining.

Hope you feel better,


Hi Karen, thank you for your reply.

I was told at the angiogram that there is only one which is good news, but the surgeon has already told me it will be coiled or clipped. No option for 'watch and wait' which, i'll be honest, i'm quite pleased about!

I have terrible headaches most days now along with absolutely no energy and other symptoms so I will be quite glad when it's all over and done with!!

Keep safe xx

Kerry thanks for the update…sorry it is taking so long.
Gotcha in my thoughts cyber hugs Colleen


You will feel better emotionally after it's done. Energy is still a struggle for me and headaches still. Keep your head up and keep us posted on your progress. I will keep you in my prayers.