Jan C

Hi have been reading all these posts and you are all very inspiring brave people. Hi to Liam in QLD Australia and Liam, NSW will make a big come back in state of origin this season… Hopefully!!!
I was diagnosed with 7mm ICA and it was deemed to dangerous to repair so I am being monitored. I am going for another opinion with a neurosurgeon at Sydney RPA hospital.
I need to get this thing dealt with once and for all because its doing my head in - pardon pun. Every time I see my kids/grand kids , I wonder if its the last time I’ll see them and every little twinge I think is this it? In past 12 months since my diagnosis, there have been 5 people die from ruptured aneurysms, one lady we know died a week or so ago. It scares the absolute crap out of me. Hopefully I will hear from neurosurgeon re my appt this week. I hope everyone has a great day today. Has been nice chatting but need to get to work.
Cheers Jan C

Hi Jan - stay home and be with your kids and grand kids. Work can wait? I am sorry you are experiencing all of this - it is all so scary. I'm glad you're going for another opinion and I have now done this twice and will continue until I am satisfied with my care. Best of luck and sending prayers your way every day.


Hi I wish you the best. It is very hard. And also such hard decisions. Make informed decision all the time. I am now 14 days post OP and hope that I get to go home tommorow. But think positive and make good choices. Best wishes around you and positive power to you.

Hey Sheri, I wish I could stay and play with my grand babies. Such little time wasters but they’re so awesome. I am very happy being back at work- back in land of living. I do really love my job at school with gorgeous kindergarten kids. they keep me young hahaha.
I had a call yesterday afternoon from specialist and should know tomorrow when I get to see him. If he says that it’s too dangerous to operate/coil my aneurysm as well as the other specialist had said then I guess I’ll have to deal with it and try and get on with my life. Really I suppose Sheri, it’s just unfortunate knowing I have this little bomb in my head.
Thanks for your kind words Sheri and you take care and stay well. You have certainly been through heaps. I think this group is a fantastic support! Cheers Jan

Hey MB. That’s great you get to go home and I hope you make a speedy recovery and all goes great for you.
I will be ok, I just need to toughen up. After reading all the posts of the journeys people have had, I feel like I have been very lucky. Best wishes for good health MB and take care and just take one day at a time. Cheers Jan