Hello Everyone just a quick question


I hope you're all well.

I am beginning to worry now as my Grandmother hasn't received a call or letter to arrange a follow up appointment/scan on her coiled ruptured aneurysm that she suffered nearly 8 weeks ago. She also has 2 more aneurysms that haven't ruptured and the longer they leave her without checking on them the more worried I am getting, she has been to the doctors for depression and is going to have counselling but it is making her worse not knowing what they are planning to do with the other 2 and the thought they are in her head and a burst one nearly killed her last time. I don't think I'll ever get over the fear I felt during the last 2 months and I certainly don't want her/me/my family to go through it all over again so was just wondering whats the normal for post coiling check up appointments etc?

Lots of Love,

Ellie xoxox

Hi Ellie

I went back for a MRA at 3 months. They didn't want to see me before that. Did she get a copy of the discharge note on discharge. It should say what has been planned. If not I suggest either phoning the Consultants secretary to ask or, if there is one, the Neurovascular Specialist Nurse just to check she hasn't slipped through the net. Having worked in a NHS hospital for many years I know how easily it can happen. If you don't know which neurosurgeon she was under phone the switchboard and ask for any neurosurgical secretary and they will put you through to the right one.

I hope she is still improving.


hi Ellie~ i believe its 6 months but everyones different i'm guessing, hope this finds you all well! We''ll keep you in thoughts & prayers! i think my mra was 6 mths,from what i gather they like to give it time for sah coilings hang in there and keep the faith!

hello Ellie, been wondering how you all are doing!! I had my first angiogram at 3 months but as you can see, everyone is different. Just call the md's office. I hope your Nana continues to improve. Much luv and prayers to you. donna w

Hello Ellie! My aneurysm ruptured before the coiling I had done to repair it and an unruptured one. I had a follow up MRA at 3 months, another at the 9 month mark and now I don’t have another one until Nov. I was fortunate that there was absolutely no changes from the day the coils went in. Saying prayers for you and your Grandmother. She is very lucky to have you in her corner.

Hi Ellie, I had a rupture of an aneurysm in Feb 2011 and whilst coiling this aneurysm was found to have another which was dealt with in April 2012 with coiling and stent, I like Jo had my first follow up MRI 6 months post operation, I think the anxiety is sometimes worse than the disease here, try to keep strong for your Grandmother and I will keep you in my prayers, Jill

Thankyou all for your advice and kind words.

We just all feel up in the air at the moment, we desperately want Nan to know what they are doing with the unruptured ones as it may make her a little happier, we don't know what's going on or how we can plan things. We have a holiday to Florida (9 hour flight) booked in May and until Nan see's her consultant we have no idea whether we are able to go or not.

Love and prayers to you all,

Ellie xoxox