Changing address!

Hello again all!

Sorry that I have not been around latley but I was placed back in the hospital last week. I went to see my neuro for my check-up last Tuesday, within 5 minutes of him seeing me he said I was not going home. Almost 5 weeks after my last surgery my eye is very swollen, I fill with liquid and they don't know where it's coming from. My neuro is doing all that he can to find out what the problem is, with opening my head a 5th time being the very last option. My CT scan last week showed no signs of infection or a leak. A MRI is going to be done tomorrow which he didn't not really seem to think would show more. I am seeing a plastic surgeon on Thursday. There is a chance that I will have some other sorta scan where they shoot the contrast/dye in my spine and follow it to see if it comes out somewhere.

If my head needs to be opened again my neuro is worried about what could happen to me if I get an infection he is also worried that if he has to remove my skull bone again I might have to live the rest of my life without one. Being allergic to antibiotics is not helping any of this.

I belive that they are going to fix me! I believe in my doctor. Can't say though that I am not worried myself but I refuse to give up!!!

Just wanted to give an update. I pray that all is well with you, your family's and most of all your health!


Aww sweets.. that sucks.. your in my thoughts and prayers..



Many hugs and prayers; I am so sorry for all you have been going thru in your recovery; oddly, I am so happy your neuro kept you in the hospital...where you can be watched /monitored and recovered before discharge.

Love and Hugs and Many Prayers,



I just can't believe this...and I feel bad for you...

My heart aches ... you have been through so much...

You always have my prayers ... !

...And right now, you even have my tears...

All my Blessings going out to you...Gotcha in my Heart .... Colleen

Wow, you really do things the hard way. That’s usually how I do things. Will keep you in my prayers. Praying God gives your doctor wisdom.

It has only been a few hours and you are in my have been remarkable in all you have been through.

Many more hugs and prayers...


So the "unique" is really true....I'm sure you'd like to be a little less unique with all of this aneurysm bologne.

I'm so so sorry to hear that you have to endure more stress around all of this. But you are obviously so resilient and strong - physically and emotionally - I believe you and your docs will get to the bottom of this and you will get it behind you once and for all. Enough already!!!!! Big cyber hugs and best thoughts being sent to you from way the other end of the other side of the pond. Things really will look up.


I am praying for you at this moment and my prayer is for complete healing

Hi Kimberely,

At this time your path has been the most unique and damned right challenging that I have followed, and yet you always bounce back with that positive smiley attitutude, which I know you shall conquer again. Just so unfair for one person to have to endure all these ups and downs to show you are not only a survivor but a true fighter. As always you are surrounded by friends that are sending major hugs and prayers for answers and results you truly deserve. Infact cyber space should be giving you your own p.o box with all the cyber love coming your way.

Stay Strong and positive Mrs Unique.....

Best Wishes as always


Keep up the faith. Sending my love and hugs. Marian

Thank you Princess.


Pat I know that I am in the right place but honestly I am sick of being in the right

Hope that makes sence



Oh Colleen no tears!!!..There is no time for tears we have recovery that takes enough of our time and energy...Blessings and thoughts are something that there is always time for...LOL..

Your in my thoughts too!!!



I do not recomend doing things the hard why to anyone


Pat, me remarkable...hahahahaha!!!

I kinda like that one...Unique, remarkable...hmmm..I think I would just go for normal if I only knew what normal


Jaycie with all the nice things that people are saying, the prayers and the open hearts there is no other choice that this will end soon and on a great note. Who knows maybe the doctors will learn something for the next Kimberley that comes along.


Gaynor my path is not only the most unique and damned right challenging that you have followed it's also most unique and damned right challenging I have followed..LOL

Guess it's a bit frustrating for my doctor too since when I said to him I am not going to be the last Kimberley you meet, his reply was he hopes he is retired by then..I said geeesh

Hugs coming your way from Mrs. Unique.. :-)

Thanks so much Marian



What can I say that the others haven't? You truly are unique and I see keeping your doc on his toes!!

Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and I hope that none of what is anticipated needs to be done, but that as you have said before, you are just truly unique in your healing process!! Best of luck with your MRI tomorrow and whatever else they throw your way. I know you will come out shining like the star you are!

Hugs and lots of healing thoughts to you!


Linda, Thanks for the kind words..I had my MRI today but won't get the results until tomorrow. The doctor said today about possibly doing another type of scan too that shoots dye into my spine, he was not 100% on that yet, I told him it would not be needed that we are going to get our answers from the MRI :-)

(((hugs))) backatcha!!