Tough Decision

After my angiogram, I was told I had 1 Annie and not 2 like the MRA results said. It is behind my left eye and 3-4 NM. Praise the Lord it is only one. They said that I could wait and watch but Dr. Jancowitz does not recommended it. He would prefer me to have it clipped or coiled. I am a single mother of 6 beautiful children and I am really struggling with this decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am so thankful for all of you. The stories on the site have been a light in a dark time. I am inspired and encouraged by all of you. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi Mary !

My 1st aneurysm was behind my left eye as well, and I had it clipped in 1998. Another annie came along by 2006 and after an Sah/6 week coma and coiling, all went well...until the 2006 coiled annie gave me problems as the coils compacted in 2010. This compaction came so out of the blue yonder and the same horrid pain seared thru my skull as I'd remembered it right before all went black on me in 2006---this time I was fortunate enough to not have lapsed into a coma , and was able to choose the method of the fix. So between adding more coils or a clipping, I chose the clipping, hands down. I never want to have to deal with the fear of the coils compacting on me ever again-and i'm very glad I chose the route of clipping. Yes, its much more invasise but the fear of the coils compacting suddenly, that was enough for me.

I'd imagine you've sat down with your surgeon and gone over the details of each procedure? what is your doctors recommendation ..and how do you feel about it? None of this is easy to be sure ! Peace to you Mary, Janet

I too agree with Janet, I'm so glad that I was not a candidate for coiling, so new and I've heard so many things. I didn't have a choice on the clipping procedure and happy that it was done. It was scary, but having confidence in your doctor helps and I felt at peace going into surgery. I just knew I was going to be ok, still have issues but better than not being here at all. You can do it, pray for guidance, and BAF is here to help you along the way!

Thank you Janet and Sheree. At this point I am leaning towards the clipping. I feel pretty good about it and I have been and will continue to ask God for His guidance.

Mary, welcome and anticipate you will get lots of feedback... there are some who had/ have aneurysms the size of yours....

From personal experiences related soooo close to your aneurysm... mine ruptured at 6mm...Highly recommend not waiting for treatment...additionally, because the monitoring adds to the levels of radiation and contrast dye in our systems... I have no expertise...just my experiences w/coiling and stents which were off-label/off-record...except for billing and images...and time in coronary care between the record of diagnostic angio and the procedural angio... For a number of reasons, I am not a promoter of coiling...tho some others are satisfied+...There are no longevity least not yet available to us...the public...I do have some personal stats...those with whom I became acquainted...I do on/off scan the PubMed site for any upcoming stats...

I also highly recommend the books on the BAF main lay terms...

Reversing this, how were you so blessed, so fortunate, to secure your testing / diagnosis so early?

Prayers for your upcoming right decision...and, that you may want a second will have a lot of questions to discuss with the neurospecialists...


My eye doctor found swelling on my optical nerves and called my neurologist who ordered a MRI and spinal tap. The MRI showed questionable aneurysms. The doc sent me for a mra which said I had 2 annies. The neurosurgeon ordered an angiogram and that showed (thankfully)that I only had the one. I also have pseudotumor cerebri.

Mary...hug your eye doc a million times...send him/her a thank you...advertise his/her quality...

I have been so acquainted w/one who lost her sis...her oph said something to the effect her vision was similar to, but was not, other testing, referrals, suggestions were made over a two year period...she lost her sis from rupture... who left her hubby and 13 year old twins..

Cherish your eye doc...I am sitting here with a "thank you, God" were blessed...


wow!! that just makes me more thankful and determined to take care of this. I will most definitely thank him. Thank you for sharing. Do you know where her aneurysm was?

No, I do not...I can find out one of these days...

There are so much variances in the quality of, somewhat minimally invasive coiling... some records note "call in oph for patient safety"...not done...DC w/o safety... a long story for later..

Keep us updated...

Hi Mary...Did the Doctor tell you why he suggested it be clipped and/or coiled now?

If you are truly undecided, get a second opinion...You are the one that must feel comfortable with your decision...~ Colleen

What do you mean they compacted?

Hi Mary! I do not get on here often, as I work, have a grandson, that I spend a lot of time with, and my husband is jealous of my computer! So this is the first I saw your story. I felt so bad when I saw you postponed your surgery. I am a patient of Dr. Jankowitz. In January, I had an annie clipped. It was in the middle of my brain. In May, I had to have one behind my left eye stinted. I have one more that is a watch for now. Mine were discovered when I was being diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. I am 54 years. My clipping went great! I spent 2 nights in the hospital. I had to wait several weeks for my surgery, and the fear of knowing what was in my brain, far outweighed the fear of surgery. You will do it when you are ready. I just want you to know that Dr. J. and Dr. Gardner, are amazing, which I am sure you realize already. My recovery from the clipping, was so much easier than the stent! Good Luck! Have faith. By the way, I live in New Castle!

Lucky that your eye doc was so smart. Mine did not refer me until my sight in left eye was 95% gone. Now only have one good eye.

Do you have ptc? I am blessed and very thankful to my eye doc.

What’s ptc?