Saw nuerosurgeon yesterday and surprised by results

Hi friends,

Well I had the follow up after the angiogram and was stunned to find that the Annies are larger and will all require treatment. He is recommending clipping for 3 on the left side, which I was prepared for. I was not prepared for his recommendation of coiling for the 2 on the right side. I had accepted that clipping was going to be done. But the coiling is freaking me out, since I've read so much negative stuff about compaction, Annies needing to be redone etc.

So, a couple of questions, how was the coiling procedure for you? Had anyone had both?

Also, a source of stress for me is how can my caregivers get educated about my recovery. What resources have worked for you.

I get my surgery date tomorrow, and I really feel the need to get everything prepared in advance. Ugh!!!

Thanks for letting me rant


I have only had the coiling. I had a ruptured aneurysm and an unruptured one. Both were coiled. Was in the hospital 38 days but that’s because I also had a urinary tract infection, pneumonia, a slight heart attack and lost sight in both eyes after the rupture. Had to undergo some eye surgery to fix my sight. The coils in the ruptured one have compacted so on the 30th of August we are going to put some more in. Hopefully they will stay put. I was told we could clip it but to me the risks outweighed the good that would do. I guess I have a twisted sense because I am looking at this as maintenance. Cars need gas & my Annie needs coils. I am dreading the I.V. More than anything. I was off work for4 mos. gradually I have worked back up to full time. Please keep us posted. You will be my thoughts and prayers.

I'm set up for coiling and stenting on Sept 4th! I hope it goes well. You certainly have a lot of aneurysms! I will let you know how my coiling and stenting go. My annie is pointing the wrong way and too deep for the clipping. I wish you the best and hope your surgery is soon!!

Hi Sal,

I only have one aneurysm, so am an amateur compared to you and some others around these parts! I had mine coiled, and it couldn't have been smoother really. They coiled it first time and it took well, and is now completely occluded. I haven't personally had any issues with compaction, but certainly with coiling that can happen, and not all coiling procedures are as effective as mine was. I did have plenty complications, but they were a result of the rupture/SAH that had already happened.

In terms of relative procedures... it's sixes and half dozens, really... with the clipping you do get a much more definitive outcome, but the procedure is a lot more invasive and carries more initial risk (albeit still really rather small) and the complications (while rare) tend to be more serious. With the coiling, the procedure is less prone to initial issues, but the coils don't always do the whole job the first time and may need replaced/moved/etc depending on your circumstances.

According to all the data I can find, the overall risks are really very very similar when comparing the two procedures. The hard statistics of mortality and all that other grim stuff are very close between the two from what I can see from the trials.

Good luck in any case with your surgeries, we will all be wishing you the very best :)


Hi Myra,

thanks for such a great perspective. I'll think of it as a "5 year/50,000" miles maintenance if I run into any coiling problems in the future. I will post again when I have a surgery date.

Thanks for the prayers


Hi Jeannie,

Thanks for the kind words :) I will be following your progress and will be praying on the 4th.

We are so blessed to have this forum!


Hi Bruce,

So relieved to hear how smooth your coiling went. Phew! It seems that I have read more negative than positive results on the coiling. I do agree with your assessment, both have potential for complicationand it is really 6 of one...

Thanks for you reassuring words about coiling. It really snapped me back to reality.

Very grateful


I am in awe on how much you have must be very very strong. I will pray for you and the others on here that are going through so much. I am so thankful this site is here....who else can understand what we are going through and there are so many, like you, that have gone through unbelievable things. You give me strength......thank you.

Hi Sal...I am sorry of your news...I was coiled on my 9mm basilar tip artery...some complications, but that seems to me...nothing goes the way it should...also, my annie was in a very bad spot...I think we need to realize often that we are all different health wise, age, etc., and that impacts what goes on with us...if you have any doubts can always get a 2nd opinion...let's face it...coiling, pipeline, clipping, etc., it all sucks because it is brain surgery...but we have to hope and pray for the best...~ gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

I think that term scares me more than anything.... "brain surgery". My neurosurgeon sat me down and looked me in the eye and said, "Jeannie, this is brain surgery and you must be aware of all the risks." I appreciated his honestly but just the term scares me. If I say I am having a coiling and a stent it seems less scary. Ridiculous, I know!

I hope this day brings new joy to each of you!


Something to bear in mind .... the people who are on this type of forum are a select group, we are self selected i.e. those whose diagnosis and/or treatment has caused either psychological stress or physical/neurological complications or problems. Those who sail through their aneurysm diagnosis and treatment without any problems, returning rapidly to 'normal' do not bother joining a patient forum as they have no need. Therefore, we can expect to hear more of the negative outcomes rather than the positives. It probably gives us a slightly biased view of aneurysm treatment.

On the other hand the surgeons/neurologists and radiologists treating us see the whole spectrum and may provide a more balanced view. Having said that, I have really appreciated the forums, especially as I have found others going through the same things. I have received support in a way that was not available for me locally. Thanks all. Judith

Hi Sal,
You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know this has to seem overwhelming but our God is big enough and strong enough to handle this. Love and hugs to you Mary

Oh, Myra...I only compare brake fluid...(make sure it stops!) to minimally invasive care...

Myra, I have a great interest in when antibiotics were begun; i.e. immediately at the end of anesthesia, or days later...Mine was ruptured ....and diagnosed as Hunt and Hess Grade I and Fisher Grade I... and, I will still monitor my brake fluid...

Prayers for your August 30th results...



prayers surround you here...we all have had so much to share...and, you have a grand support group here...

and, especially those going thru their decisions...


Hi Judith

Wow. What a great perspective! It hadn't even crossed my mind that some patients don't even go on the forums because the treatment and recovery was so smooth.

I appreciate the forums as well. It is a real blessing for me. Your response is an example, it is so wonderful to have people like you that take the time to answer.

Blessings and a huge thank you!


Hi Colleen,

Yes agreed! I have my surgery date for Sept 5th. The surgeon will be clipping 3 annies. I really feel better now that I have a date. I'm sure that may change as it gets closer. After I recover, I will still need to have 2 on the right side coiled. Thank you Colleen for always responding so quickly to everyone on the forum. You lift me up dear heart.


Hi Mary,

Our Father is awesome. I feel like a miracle has happened to me. To have discover so many annies and all unruptured. With his grace I will survive the road ahead.

Hugs and love right back Mary!!