Hi, new to this group

Hello! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Jen and I am 28 years old. I have a 6mm aneurysm behind my left eye. My next step in this process is to schedule a date for my surgery. My neurosurgeon said he can do the coiling procedure for my aneurysm. I was so relieved to hear that! I can't wait to get this behind me but it's a little scary. I don't have any symptoms of my aneurysm and it's so weird scheduling a surgery for something that doesn't bother me. I know it will be the safest thing to do in the long run and I pray I don't have any bad side effects. I don't want to come out worse than when I go in! haha.

Thanks for the support. Glad to be here.

Hang in there, Jen! This is truly an odd situation for those of us "lucky" enough to experience it.\

My coiling went well, and I have had no problems since. I go back next week for my 6-month follow-up angio. Woo-frickin-hoo! :0)

All the best to you!


Hi Jen,

You're so very lucky they found your aneurysm and can do something about it. So, congrats on getting through that! The coiling is the least invasive and if all goes well, you shouldn't be in the hospital very long. It's different for everyone just depending on the size & location of your annie and how your general health is. Again....you're very lucky they found it and can operate on it.

You're not alone as you'll see on these boards and you can express all your fears and frustrations here all day if you want....we'll all listen and offer our advice and insight, but please listen to your Dr's for any medical issues. Yes, it's scary, but it's better to know you have one and have power over it with the surgery, than not too and have it rupture....trust us.

God bless and think positive! (easier said than done, I know! ) :-)



Consider yourself fortunate since you're addressing the issue before a rupture. My wife's ruptured and it was a serious bleed but she has come back and I know she's all better since she's yelling at me again. My prayers go out to you...stay positive and everything will be fine.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support! Onward I go! :)