Just wondering, how many feel that they are stronger since aneurysm?

How many feel that almost every asspect of their lives have changed even relationships with spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend, children, jobs, school?

How many are bitter because of aneurysm and how it's changed everday life?

These are just things that I have thought about in chatting with both people that have experienced Aneurysm's & family members...

hi kimberly,

im more appreciative of everything about life...after i came home from hospital i would getup during the middle of the night and kiss my husband n faith is stronger in God and i treat each day as though it were going to be the last...i stopped drinking and smoking...only good things have resulted...i just lost my mother 2 days ago, she was 69..i'm pissed about that..but have to trust that God will not give us anything we cant handle

Oh Michelle I am so sorry about your loss.. She was so young :-(

Just know that you have what sounds like a wonderful support system plus you have the support here..Keep the faith!!

Lots of prayers, ((((hugs))) and heart felt thoughts...Your a very strong person!!


Hi Kimberley...

I am not bittered...I believe...things happen...but much has changed ... esp with me...I am so much stronger then I ever have been and I have always had trouble "liking me" (does that make sense?) and since the Aneurysm...and healing I have found out it is ok to "like me"... My husband and I got even closer if that was possible...

I have had my share of illness through my life...but there are always others who have it annie has taught me to embrace the good days and the bad matter what...

One big thing...I learned those who are truly important in my Life and those that are not...and it is "ok" am sounding like Miss Pollyanna...hahaha...! Really I have my moments...oh shoot wanted to write more, but dog has to go potty...ok be back later...xoxoxo...Colleen

Hahaha!!...Hope you got him/her out in

It's amazing how you learn just who you can count on and who you can't... I think people get tired of the problems that come along with annies, surgery's recovery and lasting effects...

Having moments I believe are more amplified now then they were before, why this is I have not figured out yet. Give me time though, I'll come up with

Your an amazing person, I have never seen anyone that gives support to strangers like you. Your a God send!


Sorry to hear about your Mom.. :(


Michelle...I am so sorry about your loss...Gotcha in my prayers...!

Well, Let's see.. If it wasn't for my lovely annie.. I wouldn't have met my Spiritual guide Abby.. I thank God for her every day.. It has slowed me down enough to take a look at my life and have learned SO much about me and whats important.. In some ways I feel reborn.. I run around (when I have the energy) like a 16 year old.. Laughing and being silly... Oh, have I been silly.. to the point of cracking myself up.. LMAO.. Plus I now have an experience that I can share with those who are just beginning this journey, and help them in what ever way possible.. If it hadn't been for you all on here, it sure would have made it a lot harder for sure..

In short. (lol)

I thank God I had this annie and thank God it was fixed early..

Plus... Look at ALL the wonderful new friends and "family" I have now.. You guys!!!!

Michelle I'm so sorry to hear about your loss - your mom was blessed with having you as a daughter.


thank u sweet sorry n didnt intend to switch the topic,,i 'm so glad i have the people on this site for a support system no matter u guys..very grateful

Someone sent me a message today saying that they were inspired by how I was handling the news of my aneurysm gracefully. When I thought about her comment, I felt truly blessed. I have been a yoga teacher for 10 years and I have studied the philosophy in great detail. I have never been able to apply it as meaningfully as I am now. My clipping surgery will be in 2 weeks. Luckily I had symptoms (left eye pain) and the 7mm aneurysm was found. It's a bit nerve wracking to wait and I guess I am mentally depleated because I feel exhausted by 2pm. It is easy to say that we should live each day as if it were your last, but after news like this, I find it brings a greater awareness and consciousness to the reality that all we have guaranteed is this present moment.

Well i was always a tough cookie and i would say not tougher but more determined !!! I am not bitter i am thankful i know can really say to people with limitations I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. And it really didnt change my life it just slowed me down a bit.

hugs !!


i lost mine going to be a year in february, but i'm ok.


lololol @ Jim...i bet your girlfriend was devastated....funny it