Husband Had Aneurysm Burst on Monday 11/21/11

He is still in the hospital and we will be here for a long time. I'd love to hear from others who have had a similar things happen and are doing well now. I happened to be home that morning and hear him fall in the bathroom.

He is awake, alert, has motor function and no problems with speech. His personality is intact, but he has no inhibitions and is impulsive. He ripped the tube out of his head and the port out of his chest on Friday night. They got it back in, but he did get air in his brain from it. He was restrained until this morning. I don't feel really good about the restraints being off, but we will see what happens. It is so hard to constantly stay on top of him saying "Keep your hands off of your head." over and over and over again.

Hi Ginger and Again Welcome...!

I had an unruptured Brain annie coiled almost 1 year ago...they induced a medical coma for a few days and I had some your husband, my husband told me I pulled alot of things out and they to restrained for a couple of days...I don't even remember the restraints...if it helps you the first 6 months was a bit rough and lots of headaches, moodiness, sensitivity, etc., but "new normal" is good...the worse thing for me...I am so tired by the end of the day...and I can't take alot of crowds or loud noises, it echo's in my head...both things are easy to deal with for me and my husband...I am blessed to be alive...

Hug him, talk to him, love him...take time out for YOU...

You both are in my thoughts and prayers...Colleen

Hi Ginger,

I had a ruptured brain annie 6 years ago. I also had to be restrained for a few days. Your husband is very lucky that you were home with him when it happened. It sounds like he is doing quite well!

Healing took a long time for me. I had headaches and was VERY tired for months. Also had double vision for a couple of months and no sense of taste or smell. These things resolved with time. I still have problems with crowds or loud noises. I have learned when I need to just walk away.

Be patient, healing takes time. And do take care of yourself as well.


i was told i had restraints cause i kept trying to get up and walk, lol. When it came time for physical therapy i couldnt even stand!!! He might just be having a reaction to meds and the surgery dont forget he had a rupture and a craniotomy to fix it so like i was told alot is going on now. hang in there, it gets better. I had a rupture in 2009 but i have some bad vertigo from it off balance but thats ok im alive !! Everyone has different outcomes.

i hope he recovers. it must be really hard to keep after him with regard to the tubes. most likely he won’t remember much of that. i ripped out all of my iv’s so they put in a pic line. i ripped that out too and was restrained with some sort of boxing gloves. i don’t remember any of it, but i do remember waking up covered in bruises from fighting my way out of the restraints. if you can be by his side most of the day please do it. i do remember always having someone there with me. when i did come to i felt better knowing people were there for me.

Thanks to all of you for responding. I feel so very lucky that he is alive and seems to be pulling through.

I've been here as much as possible and when I'm not I've tried to arrange for his sister to be here. I am also keeping a journal of everything that happens. It's therapeutic for me and I think he'll appreciate knowing what was going on. If I lost a block of time like that I would want to know what had happened. Of course, it will all be from my point of view and the things that I've seen and experienced, but at least he will be able to kind of put things together. I'm being careful of the way that I share sensitive things, so I think it will be ok. I'm not writing my feelings, really, just a this is what happened today kind of narrative.

I find it interesting about the mentions of crowds and loud noises. He never liked crowds before, but did sing in a band. Only time will tell what the long term effects are. It is great to read how many people have had this and got through it. Things don't have to be perfect, he just has to be alive. :)

Thank you all for the encouragement.

Ginger Lee, My name is Thomas and I had an annie that burst 5 years ago, I feel very fortunate to be alive. I feel one of the most important things that I can share with you is that you will have to have a lot of patients with your husband. He will be experiencing many different emotions during his recovery. I am a five year survivor and still experience all sorts of odd feelings, my wife is very important to me in every day life. If you have any questions, please email me, i have tons of info. I hope your husbands recovery is swift, good luck. Thomas

Hi Ginger , My name is Amanda I had a rupture 6 months ago . I do not remember the first week in the hospitol but from what I'm told They had to restrain me too . That was before my coiling surgery I guess I kept ripping out my IV and breathing tubes . I was told that it took 5 people to hold me down and I'm only 5'3 110 lbs ( Before I quit smoking lol ) I can only imagine what I was feeling or thinking when I "woke up " and I had tubes down my throat and couldn't ask anyone why. Short term memory is a big issue for me . This one is hard to explain to someone that hasn't experienced it but my fellow survivors can help with this . I don't feel "The same " as I did before my annie ruptured. I lost interest in things I loved . I fly off the handle quickly and can cry at the drop of a hat . I don't consider myself depressed but some do experience that afterwards. The one good thing about my annie was that it may have saved me from lung cancer , my last cig. was the day before it ruptured. i just recently found this site and am so happy I did . Its so great to be able to vent and ask questions to other people that went through the same thing. He will need alot of patience and you will need an outlet too . I wish you both all the best !! Oh one more thing I put my husband through hell I was down right mean I don't know if it was the meds or what but I was awful .try to take a deep breath and remember His brain just went through hell .

I would have to ditto what Thomas said....Your husband really needs you now.. I am two years out and had to do it alone no support and I can be sure that is why it is taking me longer to recover! If anything remember its not Personal! and read the letter to the brain posted here it gives you a inside look to what he is going threw. And I was a tube puller... it went away after a few days!

(((((hugs and prayers dee)))))))))))

Oh, Darcy! I can't imagine anyone going through that alone. You must be one strong woman.

I will do my very best to be patient. I am sure there are times that it will be hard. The fire in him that has kept him alive is the same fire that will probably make it tough later on. That's ok. I am here for him, for better or worse. We've been married for three years. Since we started dating I've seen him through two lower back and one neck surgery in addition to this. We've spent a lot of time in hospitals. He's only 43.

I am so glad to have found this forum. It gives me strength to hear from you. People saying, "Yes, I survived it and it's going to be okay."

This is a long journey and an "eye~opening one" will learn who truly is your family and/or friends and who are not...this man (right or wrong) shouldn't have gotten in on it with you during this time...but everyone's nerves are frazzled...You are truly upset and angry that your husband is sick...and right now it wouldn't take much to displace that elsewhere, and Guess what? Its are human...I would let it go...and be cordial to friend...but that is have a bigger and harder road ahead of you then this man...

Feel the arms...I am giving you a hug...Colleen

keeping your husband n you n my prayers..its still so early n his recovery, im sure hes just very confused on what alls going on..dont recall 1st 3 days of my 2 wk stay n 20 yr old daughter stayed w/me the 1st 2 days..hes very blessed to have you to support him...slow n easy is my motto..God helped him to make it thru the rupture..alot of people dont survive..including myself..5mm rupture n oct n he can make it thru this n let him know hes gonna be fine..just dont rush it..God bless..prayers n love to you both

Hi Ginger,

I am relatively new to this site too and your discussion caught my eye. My husband had brain anneurysm rupture on 9/9/11. My husband is also lucky to be alive and he also pulled everything out and had to be restrained many times. I always took that as a good sign that he was fighting. He was in the hospital for 30+ days and then acute inpatient rehab for another 30days and just came home two weeks ago. Someone below said it is a long journey and you are at the beginning. That is so true, the doctors said it would be a marathon and it was. I still feel very alone in this whole process. It is all worth it, i can not believe how far he has come since that day My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

The alone feeling has been the scariest part. He doesn't have a large family, and I have no one really. My Mom is still alive, but she's 73 and a six hour drive away. His sister has taken two half days to relieve me a couple of times this week, but she had to go back to work. It's tough. I don't feel comfortable leaving him alone for very long just yet. Hopefully that will change once the drain is out.

Michelle, do you work? If so, have you gone back yet? I had started a new job five days before this happened. I went in and quit and picked up my stuff. I told them I'd call when I'm able to come back, but it would be a long time.

My husband not as young as your husband, but only 52. Luckily I do work, since my husband self employed and his business crumbling. We have twin 12 year old daughters so I had to leave him at night to be with kids. Nurses pushed me out a lot and told me to take of myself and kids that we had a long road ahead. I used up all of my vacation and sick time and was going in early to work usually by 7:00 am and leaving by noon or 1:00 each day. It was a commute to get to the hospital anyway so that way i avoided rush hour. I dont have much family either, my mom is same age as your mom, and it was a lot of stress for her , but she was at least here for the kids after school and sometimes went to hospital for me if I had to be somewhere for the girls. None of it is easy, you have to do what you feel is right for you and your husband. You will have so many people telling you what to do it is also overwhelming. Please know I am here if you need to talk. My husband has some great friends and it is truly amazing what some of them have done. Are you past all of the vasospams too?

We are on day 12, so not completely out of the woods, but looking good. He came close one day, but they were able to pull him out of it before things got too serious. There has been a lot of issues with keeping his sodium up.

I totally understand what you are saying about having so many people telling you what to do. I refuse to do anything that doesn't agree with my gut instinct.

They are challenging the drain again today. It is the second time. Cross your fingers for us!

Michelle and anyone else, you can find me on Facebook by searching ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. My name is Ginger Hahn on there. It would be nice to hear from you.

Ginger, I'm so glad things are looking up for your husband. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there Ginger!!:) I had my annie burst on aug 27th and went to bed that night not knowing i may not wake, thank God i did, showered and woke my hubbie to go to the hospital, i guess i had a lot of "thank God's" cause they diagnosed it properly and flew me to a pro hospital 4 Hrs drive away and they operated the next day, but i don't remember 3 wks of my 4 wk stay, except pulling out tubes every time i got a chance, and everybody yelling at me, also trying to get up any time i was left alone too long,i was restrained alot!!, i was lucky enough to have family come, but we believe it was the drugs making me do all these things, and there were a lot of drugs!!!Anyway i am healing nicely and going back to work soon, i hope, i also had severe vasospasms and the treatment did not work for me, (They did a little used procedure and are now going to write an article on me) and the treatment caused my heart to fail, so know that ure husband is doing really well at this point and all u have to do is be there for him!!!!!:):) And be thankful that he is as normal as possible cause some ppl aren't, they didnt think i would have all functions wen i woke up, but right now, the only prob i have is severe hair loss!!!, which wouldnt be bad news on a guy anyway!! xoxo keep looking up and forward to the recovery, love is all u need!!!!:):)

ps, the little known procedure they performed was angioplasty on my large brain vessel , it's only been done a few times in the world and it saved my life!!!:)

Wow, Mandy! That's great that the only major problem now is hair loss. I'd still love him bald :)

They're challenging the drain (EVD) for 48 hours. So far, so good. It's spiked a couple of times, but the nurse just came in and told me that they're doing a CT scan in the morning and if that looks good and the pressure stays as it has been he won't have to have a shunt. He's been through so much, I hate to see him have another surgery.

I think this will be the last night we spend in the ICU! They said after the tube is out he will move to the step-down. I feel so fortunate. He had a grade 4 bleed and they said that he's recovering like it was a grade 1. So far other than vision problems and being weak, he seems ok. I think the biggest challenge will be reminding him go easy on himself and give it time.