Another reason to feel blessed

Just found out this morning that a coworker of mine lost her brother to a brain aneurysm this past Saturday. He apparently complained of a very bad headache, drove out to get some medicine and was later found unconscious in the parking lot. The paramedics weren't able to save him :(

I was never afraid when my unruptured brain aneurysms were found. I have always known that I was very fortunate that they were found...before they ruptured and that I had options. Not all are so fortunate.

Oh, Valerie, I am so so sorry that she lost her brother. I hope that some day everyone will be screened for them at a certain age. I know they can happen at any age, just as breast cancer can. But at least there is protocol for screening for breast cancer now and it has lowered the number of deaths dramatically. More awareness definitely needs to get out there.

You are so right, you are blessed to have found yours before a rupture, I too was blessed with that discovery. I hope that your recovery has gone well.

God Bless,

~ Carol

Hi Valerie...It hits home when I hear of someone dying of a brain aneurysm...I too felt I was blessed because mine was leaking, but found before it ruptured. ~ wishing you well ~ Colleen

So sorry for your friends loss, wow good thing he made it to the lot! sad sad story but needs to be told so maybe others will learn from it, sending prayers out for family and friends of the dearly departed~~

hi valerie, what a tragedy for your co worker and her family. strange how some people may only get something like the head pain. my rupture was physically (from my perspective) dramatic and I knew pretty quickly it was something serious, just before I lost consciousness. By that time the ambulance was already on its way. The classic symptoms of head pain, vomiting, loss of consciousness etc were exactly what I had and for that I think Im lucky, for others it seems they arent really made aware right away that something really bad is happening and may not be alarmed enough to call for paramedics. :(