Hi. I suffered from an aneurysm in Nov 2010. I spent 5 months in the hospital and I am now home & back to work. My aneurysm burst during a hair appt & I was rushed to the hospital where it was coiled using a microcatheter. I also had part of my skull removed to aide in the healing process but it was replaced. My question for other survivors is when will I stop feeling so scared? I’m afraid this may happen again.

Hi Jenny...

I wish I can tell you when the "fear" is over...I think you have to put things in perspective...and "count your blessings" ... and know that the Doctors fixed your annie and will watch it...now you will have to talk to yourself everyday and tell yourself...that you are stronger then any "annie"...hell you made it through this journey...Life is worth living...I know ... I talk to me everyday...infact, I let myself have fear everyday for 1 minute...and then I say..."get over it" and enjoy every moment...if the "fear" seems so bad that you can't get passed it or it is causing too much "anxiety"....then please, please tell your Doctor .. they should be able to help...Gotcha in my Thoughts...!

Cyber ~ Healing coming your way...Colleen


Colleen said it best.. not much more I can add to it. The fear will subside as time goes on, just take it one day at a time and let your brain heal emotionally! It will take time but it will happen.

Best wishes in your journey,


Thank you Linda your response gives me hope.I do kno I am fortunate. On my low days I worry I will not get better emotionally. I will add you to my prayers. J

i will be two years out in october and from time to time we will panick and feel scared. Things take time and we need to stop worrying that goes hand in hand with everything. For me the more i do the better i feel but dont over do it.

You are quite welcome Jenny and I'll take all the prayers I can get!!

Best wishes,


I had a definite timeline for my fear. I had my aneurysm in March of 2001, followed by a craniotomy and clipping. Afterward, my emotions were all over the map: from being grateful to being scared to being angry. Every headache worried me; along with fatigue and getting off the stupid medication they had me on — I was feeling very vulnerable. But it was about 6 months later that I had a very bad headache. Bad enough to call my husband to come get me and take me home from work.

I saw a neurologist the next day who very patiently told me that it had nothing to do with my aneurysm. She suggested that it was stress related. Well ... of course it is!! We've been through the ringer and come out the other side! So I took a long weekend and a little trip to wind down and no more headaches.

Take a deep breath and relax. It won't happen overnight, but your fear will dissipate with each day that moves you away from the big brain drain. After awhile, there will be long stretches of time that you might not even think about it.

Happy healing!

I guess you and I share the same timeline. Nov. 2010 is also when my world as I knew it changed. I still think too much about what ifs. We are still newbies . I myself find this website tremendously helpful . I read all the encouragement given by everyone who has much more time behind them and it helps . When I first found this website I realized that everyone feels this way . Listen to how they cope, it works for me , especially when you need to get away from your own thoughts. All of us have survived . No small feat I must say .

Hi Jenny: Welcome to this wonderful site, glad you found us. As everyone else has said, only time takes away the fear. I had my anne in Dec. 2010 and was scared to death for months, at least 6 for sure, but as time passed and one little pain passed without incident and than another, etc., I began to feel more confident that I was going to be OK. Unfortunately it's not like having your gull bladder out where they know how long the recover will be and what to expect as you recover, however this site will give you an idea of the healing process all the way from physical to emotional, from a lot of people with different symptoms but are similar to your own. Stay strong, time and patience are key, thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hi jenny, we ‘re more strong of the annie.
Take your time, day by day you will feel better, is quite a long story.
I had my rupture quite 3 years ago ; everyday I stil think to’ my annie and how I was / am lucky.
Speak to’ your doctor, keep on line with us and take care of you.

I didn’t ask the question but I might as well have. I had my ruptured aneurysm on January 1, 2011. They put in 18 coils, I suffered a stroke that caused paralysis on my right side and I had a shunt put in to drain the excess fluid off my brain. I am doing very well now, 8 months later but still have the fear. When I go to sleep, will I wake up? When my head hurts, will I collapse again? What is normal and what is not? Your answer was great and at least I feel that eventually I will feel more normal again! Thanks!!