Stent Assisted Coiling

My procedure is scheduled for October 25th. Second opinion will be on October 11. Looking for any way out. I have a 6mm left carotid wide neck annie. So far, I have come across only one person who has not had complications after a stent assisted coiling. To date, I have had no symptoms whatsoever. My annie was found by accident via an MRI for shoulder pain (arthritic discs in my neck). However, later learned that the annie has been there since May of 2008!! For three years I have been walking around with this thing in my head!!! So, why should I disturb it now? I don't know why. So, I don't know what to do. Since 2001 I have had 2 surgeries on each knee followed by bilateral knee replacement in July 2008. In addition, I have had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. The daily shoulder pain and now this. I have been depressed for years and am struggling to stay afloat. Do I have the procedure and risk complications, or watch it and see what happens? My neurosurgeon is Dr. Peter LeRoux at Pennsylvania Hospital and the interventional radiologist (doing the procedure) is Dr. Robert Hurst at the University of Pennsylvania both in Philadelphia. I am 60 years old and want to live the rest of my life pain and drama free. Guess that's not in the cards.

I’ll just quickly reply (because it’s late) that I had coils and stent nearly a year ago and I AM FINE!!! I can’t say I bounced back as quickly as some others, but I went into it with a cold and anemia, so that contributed. But as much as I hated having to do it, and was scared to pieces, I’m SOOOOOOOO glad that I did do it. I have 2 small ones that are being watched. I never want that surgery again - but knowing that one of them is FIXED is so relieving. Remember that people who post here aren’t representative of all people who go through this - the people who sail through w/o any bumps probably have no reason to be here - God bless them!

Hi, Valerye - I, too, am scheduled for a stent and coil on the 24th. I found out incidentally through an MRA this year and the neurosurgeon I went to several weeks ago said it should be fixed sooner rather than later.

I only have the experience of an angiogram so far. I did have an aneurysm removed from my jugular vein in my neck over 20 yrs ago. I think it is outrageous that you have had an aneurysm for 3 years without being told! I am so sorry you have had to endure all the surgeries - I have had rotator cuff tears (painful) and muscle problems for years that I contribute to Tamofixen, but nothing of your caliber.

The one thing I know for sure, I am 56 and plan to see my daughter marry and have my grandchildren. I want to live. I think a lot of us also deal with depression - I have been on medication for several years now. The extra anxiety with this has pushed me to start using Lorazapam again, something I have not used since I was on Tamo and it certainly is making me feel better.

Vent all you want here - it has certainly helped me. We definitely should keep in touch since our surgeries are so close. Let us know what your 2nd opinion says. I checked out my neurosurgeon with someone I found on this forum and she gave him an outstanding reference, so I felt I didn't need a 2nd opinion.

God bless and keep us posted.


Hi Sherri, Thank you for your response. Who is your neurosurgeon. Where are you having the procedure done?


That is a good point! LOL!!! Thank you for the support.


These are good medical institutions so don't worry about that. Having the procedure based on what you have indicated is something you need to have done. The alternative of doing nothing doesen't seem to be a good option. Trust your Doctor. Good luck and God Bless!

I live in Westhampton, Ma, which is in Western MA. The only neurosurgeons out here are at Baystate in Springfield, MA. In the past, I have usually used Beth Israel in Boston for major ops, but I feel good about the neuro here - he interned with a leading neuro at Tufts and specializes in brain aneurysms.


You are so right, there are a lot of us who seem to have residual issues after any of the procedures, but there are many who don't !! Mine is also on the left Carotid, I was symptomatic, vision issues, numbness tingling in my arms hands and face, when I began to drool and have uncontrolled body movement's it became an issue, off to the ER I went and after 3 years of test after test they found it and was coiled within a weeks time. Since I have had complications that just come with the territory , BP issues, head pressure which was there prior to finding my annie, and severe headaches. I have also had a stroke ... I wouldn't leave your future to what could end up being your undoing.... if that makes sense ? Wouldn't you rather deal with a few pain issues than to not be here at all....? You never know, a fall, a car accident, or maybe nothing at all, this procedure could potentially save your life....

Wishing you all the best !


You have my prayers sweetie...!

Just remember it is a long journey...and we are all hear for you...

Cyber~thoughts and prayers...Colleen


I am sorry for this annie crap, I too am having coiling, not absolute on the stent yet, b/c, the neck may be small enough to not have it, but I wanted to share w/you that in the last 4 years, I have had 2 rotator cuffs, spine sx, and PMR, where I had to take Prednisone, for a long time, my body bruises soooo easily and depressed? PPL would never know it, but I am over the top w/depression. My surgery is Tuesday, w/Dr. Ogilvy at MGH. I am a wreck.

Dear Cynthia, By now your surgery is over. I hope all went well. Please let me know how you are doing.


Get it done! It will save your life! You will be amazed how much stress will be lifted off your shoulders.


status. I have had 2 stents & coiling and had 2 handsome boys, and now i might have MS. So i will continue

to fight and live for myself and my family and friends that love and care for me! I say go for it! Have faith in god!

Girllllllllllll University of Pa is where I had my surgery done!had surgeries in 2008 thru 2009 had a giant unruptured left ICA annie coiled and stented ! Blessings and Prayers to you !!! Julie in Delaware


My thoughts and prayers with you..I had a right carotid 5.6...I'm glad it's done, despite the fatigue and headaches. I know that this will eventually subside. I had liquid embolization ( i have only found one other person on this site that has had this), it is onyx hd 500 that hardens when injected into the annie. Not sure why it's not more popular, it hasn't been around that long, but was the better option for me.

God Bless you and 60 is not old!


I had a coil and stent next month will be exactly a year-I have have had issues but my was discovered following a car accident. But the coil and stent have been fine and I go for my year check up Nov. 11.


We have some the finest surgeons in Philadelphia and you are in wonderful hands. My surgery was at Jeff's Neuroscience Center in Philly. I have 2 internal carotid artery annies, one was 9 mm which now is stented with 2 telescoping Pipelines and one is 2 mm which is a watch and wait annie. I had no symptoms pror to my annies being found, they were found incidentially. I do have severe neck and back herniations that I have suffered with for years, so I just take my pain one day at a time and deal with it as best I can.

Whether or not you have the surgery is only a decision you can make.

I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you make the decision which is in the best interests of only one person -- YOU.

Best wishes,



When you have time, I hope you will explain how you learned (recently?) that your aneurysm was there in 2008?

My curiosity is jogged in whether the aneurysm records will display/qualify growth in this three year interval... Please ask your neuros about that.. I am also surprised there were records in 2008 that were not addressed with you then.

My internal carotid artery aneurysm ruptured @ please ask your neuros before you make your deicison....

Best Wishes and prayers for explanations and your right decison.


i had a 5mm anny rupture, it was located at the tip of my basilar artery. they did a coiling and successfully obliterated any chance of it coming back to bother annys...what im trying to get to is its probably better when the drs can catch n fix it w/o a rupture..let me tell ya ruptures are a pain n the u know going on 2 yrs anny free n feeling great..i know u can do the same..God will be holding ur hand thru the whole process n recovery...keeping you n my prayers n wishing you a looonnnggg healthy life...God Bless sweety

WOw-two years-this is great! I have hit a year (with issues but no rupture)!