I am having coiling w/stent

I went to get the results of my angiogram today. The annie is in the basilar tip, irregular shaped with a wide mouth. It is pretty inaccessible for a craniotomy and the risks for brain damage would be great. So, I have opted for coiling with a stent. They are scheduling it and calling me with a date - he said within the next few weeks. He does not recommend just watching it.

Thanks everyone for being there for all of us. Although I have just joined this community, I feel as if I now have friends to lean on for support. Love you all,


Hi sherry, I had the same.
First coils ( in emergency for rupture ) and one yeAr later the Ped stent.
Think positive and keep us poste d.
Take care, giovanni

Hi Sherri...I had a 9mm leaky annie on my basilar tip and was told the same...it is good you are getting this coiled...and then you can heal...and start to be ok with your "new normal" and move on...it is a long journey...but I will be coming up on 1 year on November 30th...of this year...I have another annie, but it is small and behind my eye...so we are watching and waiting...I am here for you...and understand your scared or anxiousness...

Please let us know your date...Gotcha in my Prayers...Colleen

Hi Sherri,

I, too have an unruptured aneurysm and just last month I successfully had a coiling and stent placed. The procedure and recovery was uneventful...answered prayer!! I am back to work with no residual problems or restrictions. I will need another angio in a few months to check if the coils have compacted but after that it should be an annual MRI. Best wishes for your procedure! Let us know how it goes!

God Bless,

Hi, I forgot to ask... how did you find your annie? Family hx or symptoms? Just wondering. Thanks,


Thanks, luckily mine has not ruptured nor leaked yet.


Did you have yours coiled and stented? He also told me that basilar tip aneurysms sometimes have tendencies to grow new ones and that will have to be followed also (and if I didn't feel comfortable with him, I should feel free to find someone else because we were going to spend a lot of time together!). I do like him and from what I have heard from other patients, they trust him and have done a good job with them.

Thanks - will let everyone know the date.

Thanks, Tanya. After hearing some of the horror stories here, it makes me feel better hearing from someone who did not have problems. Of course, we are the lucky ones with unruptured annies.

How long did it take you to get up and around afterward?


I have been having problems with an ear for almost 2 years. Some of the symptoms are similar to relapsing polychondritis, but sometimes it takes years to diagnose. My dr finally said let's do an MRI to rule out any small tumor. Another dr said let's make it an MRA. That was in March. In September, my dr found out I hadn't gone yet and her nurse scheduled the appt.

We still don't have an answer for my ear.


I had a 9mm ICA@ophthlamic artery annie stented with the pipeline stent (PED) this past March. THe first attempt at coiling mine failed due to the mouth of my annie being so wide, which they found once they did my first angio. The pipeline surgery was a breeze, was about 2 hours and 15 mins long and I was overnight in ICU and home the following day.

The best thing that ever happened to me was finding BAF and the wonderful people in this support community. As much family and friends support that I have, other than my sister who has "been there done that" no one really understands what's involved with being diagnosed -- but my BAF Family gets me!! They are the best!

I am glad you are having your surgery soon and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Please do keep us posted as things progress.

Best wishes,


Hi Sherri,

Those of us whose annies are diagnosed before a rupture are soooo blessed, and for those of us fortunate enough not to have to make the decision for ourselves as to whether to watch n wait or which procedure to have and why, have half the fight fought for them. You are now that much closer to winning the battle.

Best Wishes



This is a great support group. I am proud to be a member and share the experiences as we progress. There are many encouraging people that understand our situation and sometimes it is hard for me to share with family my pain. My annie was ICA near the opthalmic artery and grew very rapidly in 14 weeks from date of discovery. My original plan was coiling/stent, then that was ruled out, then dr. discussed clipping, however, I have vasospasms, so, the liquid embolization with onyx was the best solution. My recovery in the beginning was great, but, after returning to work and working toooo much, the headaches and lack of energy have returned. Lesson learned, I'm not superwoman and I do have to slow down.

My thoughts and prayers for you during this time, I know that the waiting is hard. Keep posting on your thoughts, feelings and concerns.


All will

Hi Sherri...I had my coiled ... no stent was needed...

Hmm??? Interesting about telling you the basilar tip have tendencies to grow new one's...my Doc's, surgeons told me very little...however, I do know my checkups will all be angiograms...where some with time can do MRA/MRI...My Neurologist told me he and I would spend lots of time together...which is ok...because he is good...

Keeping you in my Thoughts...Cyber~hugs Colleen

One thing I forgot to ask my doctor is how long the recovery time should be afterward - when I should be able to get up and around without any prohibitions. He did tell me that I will be on Plavix for 3 months, then will have to take 325 mg aspirin the rest of my life. Is this normal for everyone else who has a stent?

HI Sherri…I was taken off of Plavix after surgery of coils due to bleeding…but will be on the 325mg aspirin the rest of my life…recovery is different for everyone…I had some complications so I was in ICU for 8 days and swollen head for about 1 month…was up walking fairly quickly…but took time…this is a journey of patience…Hope this helps you out…

Hi Sherri,

I too was diagnosed with an irregular shaped basilar tipped annie that is unable to be coiled, however the doc didn't give me the option of coiling with a stent he said the only option I had was clipping it. I backed off of that when he told me the risks, he stated because of the shape and the way it hangs to the rear it would be a risk of hitting the optic nerve and causing damage, among other things . So I just decided to keep an eye on it...so to speak.

Anyway I stumbled across this site and found someone else who has the same condition as me and thought I'd say good luck to you.



Not to scare you, but I would have a 2nd opinion with another neurosurgeon. My annie is berry shaped with a wide mouth. My doc said that clipping was too dangerous - they would have to lift out the brain, separate it, then go through the neck to fix it and the chances of brain damage were great. In addition, due to all the veins/arteries leading off the basilar tip, the chance of accidentally clipping one of those could also cause dire trouble. The only option I have is coil and stent. Mine is not large - the MRA last March said it was 3 mm and I asked him if it had grown. He really didn't answer me - he said that the difference in measurements of an MRA and angiogram may be misconstrued. I thought yesterday that he just didn't want to alarm me. He also said that he really didn't want to wait and watch it for another 3 months.

Colleen also had an annie on her basilar tip and she also had the coiling. How was yours diagnosed?


The date is set - October 24. I have to see a couple of dr. before - my pulse has been really low the 2 times at the neurosurgeon and at the hospital (in the 40’s). Mine is usually in the 60’s, so we will see what could be causing this. I now really can’t wait, want it over with!!!

I had a TIA back in April and they did a MRI and first located the annie, from that they did the MRA, then of course the CTA and then the angio in June. That's when the doc said the annie was mound shape and it wasn't able to hold the coils so it would have to be clipped. He stated of course the location of the annie and the way it hangs the operation poses risks. So at the time I decided against the operation and just decided to monitor it. I'm supposed to have another CTA in December yo see if it's grown. In June it was only 4 x 3mm.

Maybe I will take my files to another doc to get another opinion...I'll have to see if anyone can recommend someone in my area.

Take care Sherri,


Hi again! Yes, we are very lucky and blessed! My mother and my aunt both ruptured (and thankfully survived!) and that is why I went looking for the annie. I had the option of clipping or coiling and I chose the less invasive coiling. I was in ICU overnight and the next morning was on my 4 hour trip home. I was even able to stop for lunch at a restaurant on the way home! I did have two small hematomas where they accessed the femoral artery in my groin. One on each side as they started the procedure on the right but they were not able to access the vessel so they had to access it on the left so I was sore on both sides. Also, I had some strange sensations, dull headache with sharp twinges, couldn't sleep on my back, etc for the first couple weeks but by the end of the 3rd week I was feeling like my "old self". Very minor side effects considering what it could have been!! The hardest part was to make myself take it easy because I felt so good. It's not like having a fractured bone or abdominal incision that you can see and feel as it heals and 'reminds' you to rest. I was off of work for 5 weeks because of the physical lifting, pulling, and pushing that I have to do and the Dr. didn't want me to go back too quickly. I, too will be on plavix for 3 months and aspirin (325mg) for my lifetime. Small price to pay for life!

Keep us updated!