Anyone have a second coiling with stent procedure?

Well the results are in from 10/5/2012. It appears my coil only procedure from 6/3/2010 have compacted to the point that something else needs to be done to avoid another rupture. The Dr. sat with my wife and me and went over some options. Pipeline device, Clipping, Stent with more coils or ONYX. The final option was continued wait and see, which he really doesn't recommend sine the past 3 angios are showing increased compaction regardless of how slow it is progressing. He is leaning towards stenting and more coil.

So I have a question to anyone on the forum. Have any of you had a second coiling with stent procedure? If so what were the long and short term results or complications? Thank you!

Hello Tony, I have not had any second coilings but have had 3 annies coiled and one stent along with the last coil. I was wondering if you get any symptoms when coils start compactiing and how long after the first coil this happened?


No symtoms at all. It has been about 2.5 years since the original coils were placed. How long has it been for you and how are you doing? Have you or are you taking blood thinners ? Thanks!

My first Annie coiled was after a failed craniotomy in Sept. Of 08 another in Oct 08 and the third with a stent on Jan 09. I was on plavix and asprin one month before the stent and just asprin for a short time after. Nothing since then. I see my neorosergion once a year and so far he says my head is “stable” lol he doesn’t know me yhat well! A year to me seems like a long time and I worry with every little odd sensation. I wonder if others are anxious even when Dr. Says looks good, see you next year!

I have had a second coiling and a stent placed in the second time around. I will let you know the outcome after Oct 15, 2012. I go back for my angiogram and boy am I praying to see thumbs up and for my doctor to say it is 100% occluded. I will let you no the outcome maybe by Oct 16 or 17th. My first coiling was on Oct 6,2011on a ruptured annie (5mm in size) and a sah,my first angiogram (April 3)showed some compaction and he wanted to fix the problem before any other problems occured~ my second procedure was April 16, 2012 and now my next angiogram is Oct 15,2012 at 6:30am. So Keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you!!!!

Positive thoughts my way and coming your way!!!

Lots of Love and Hugs! I hope this helps with your question.



Your situation is almost identical to mine. SAH, 5MM wide neck aneurysm coiled in 2010. 3 angios later the pattern is clear that there is compaction. Questions, were you treated with Plavix and aspirin and for how long? Also how long before you were you back to your daily activities after the second procedure? Thanks! Much appreciated!

Hi, I had coiling after a SAH in 10/2011. The residual part has continued to grow a bit. My doctor felt since it ruptured before, treatment was advisable. He wanted more coils and stent to keep things in place including aspirin the rest of my life. I got a second opinion and he definitely thought clipping was the way. I finally decided clipping may do it once and for all. Possible surgery on Election Day. MJ

Hey Tony~ After my second procedure I was back to work in about one month but my nerosurgeon told me I could go back in a week. No no no I wasn't mentally or physically ready or emotionally ready to return to work. You see my husband and I lost our daughter in Janurary 2012 and it really set me back. But fortunely I am back at work from 8 to 4 tuesday thru friday, and my 4 year old has started pre k and I have a sophmore in high school. So needless to say I am back on the run. So I feel you will be fine in just a week or two. To be honest I really don't have headaches like some. Sometimes when I am exhausted like on fridays my body and mind begin to let me know it,so therefore I rest on the weekend. I have a wonderful husband and 2 amazing children that help me out and they are so good at watching out for me.!!

I truly believe that you are going to be great. I hope I helpped you some. God bless and please keep me posted as I will let you know how my angiogram goes on Oct 15~ so keep me in your prayers! I am looking for good news~2thumbs up from my neurosugeon.

Oh the Aspirin and plavix I was on for 3 to 4 months but I had to stop plavix after 3 1/2 months due to rectal bleeding. I did a colonoscopy and found out I have internal hemorroids. So no trouble with the plavix or the aspirin. And I refuse to stop the 325mg aspirin until after my angiogram. My PCP said I could go to the low dose 81mg but I'm not~at least until after 10/15! Being a nurse doesn't really help my minds state. (if you can understand what I mean) LOL ~ I read a lot and somethings maybe we shouldn't know!!:)

God Bless and Keep in Touch!