Coiled and stented

Hi all! I am a 48 year old female. I have 3 annies on my left ICA just behind my left eye. They are each about 5mm in size. One berry and the other two have a wide base. They discovered them because I went to my GP with headaches. Since my father had a ruptured annie when he was 42 my GP gave me a MRI. That was about 3 years ago now. I was on the wait and watch track over that time. In January of this year I underwent a coiling of the berry. That was very successful. Since the other two were broad based I went on a few month wait for a European flow diverting stent to come into and be approved in the US. On May 7, of this year I underwent a stenting procedure of the other two. That was also very successful....It only been two weeks and I feel great! I still tire easily but things are getting back to normal. Went back to work yesterday. Soooo good to be back to work.

Thank God for these brilliant doctors and today's technology. My father was not so lucky back 30 some years ago. While we were fortunate that he lived, he underwent a craniotomy clipping, was in a comma for a few weeks, then had to learn to speak and physically control his limbs and so on....what an ordeal it was to watch....seeing someone you love battle back....over all he was fine.....but was a little handicapped mentally, short term memory.

Anyway, what I want to say is don't allow yourself to fall into the anxieties of these little buggers (annies) they may be dangerous but finding out that you have an UNruptured annie is a blessing. Its better knowing so the Docs can help you. Yes I was frightened too but I kept my wits about me and trusted in GOD and my Incredible Docs at Tufts Hospital in Boston and of course my wonderful family and friends.

Thanks to God and all!!!!! Especially Dr Adel Malek, Neurosurgeon, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA and his incredibly stable hands....ha

Hi Marlyn and welcome to BAF,

So glad to hear that you are doing well after your coiling and stenting. You mentioned a flow diverter and I wondered if you received the PED? IF so, I invite you to join the PED Group, which you can find here where we have tons of stories and info regarding the PED stent.

Similar to you, I lost my paternal grandmother, her brother to annies over 30 years ago. My elder sister and I both have annies, she had a clipping, me the PED and we both have watch and wait annies that are too small for surgery at this point.

Best wishes to you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


Yup...I agree ... unruptured is a Blessing ~ Thank~you for your inspiring post ~ Colleen