Sisterly love

I am just 2 weeks out from having 2 stents placed and my sister has just told me she had a scan today and they have told her she has multiple aneurysms, she doesn't know how many or how big, can this get any worse.

We are both lucky I guess as they are still intact. We are from a family of 10 children, we lost a brother 28 years ago to the same thing. There are only six of us left but 3 out of 10 is a pretty high rate.


Hi Lynn...All siblings need to be checked...

Gosh...I am sorry that your sister now has aneurysm's least she found them before rupture...actually ... your aneurysm's and stents most likely saved her...

God Bless your Family...Cyber~ healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen, I have sent her a link to the support group so I think she will be joining us soon.

Hi Lynn,

Unfortunately I too have a sister who has multiple annies. Actually, her annie was found first, then my two were found and then she was found to have another. We also lost our paternal grandmother and her brother many years ago to annies.

It is so important that when close family members are diagnosed that the rest of any sibblings, children, etc get checked right away!!

I also fortunately have two sisters who have been cleared and so far no annies for them!

You and your sister are lucky and blessed to have had them found before rupture!

Bless you both and I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts!


Thanks Linda.

Thanks Jo.

Thanks Sue, I hope your sister is ok. I am doing great and my sister will be fine, thi is something we have to learn to deal with.

Thanks Nikki, she is very stressed at the moment, I have spoken with her this morning and tol her I am here any time to call, it is so hard being sol far away.

Hi Lynn,

I’m sorry to hear that your sister has an Annie and that you’ve also lost a brother to a ruptured aneurysm. It’s hard to know if your family’s experience is high or not, Others have suggested that the other siblings be tested as that is current medical practice and the tools exist to do non-invasive testing.

When my annie ruptured and, when my other Annie’s were found, 35 years ago, there were no CT scans, MRIs or MRAs and no protocol for family members to be tested. We were told that annies were familial but not hereditary and the only treatment option was clipping. So, as of yet, none of my siblings have been tested. Four of the five have diabetes which is the most prevalent health issue in our extended family. In the 54 years since my grand aunt had her rupture, I am the only one, of ~50 extended family members ( extending from my maternal grandmother’s siblings to her great-great grandchildren) to have had a rupture. I have one cousin who had an annie clipped and a nephew who has an annie that is under watchful waiting. No one in my mother’s generation, thus far, has been diagnosed with an Annie. I thank God for this.

This past week, I shared the information from the study on the increased risk that smoking has on Annie development with my family to get them thinking about their risks since they are or have been smokers. With my rupture being in the distant past (almost 43 years) it was good to have something current to get their attention. My youngest brother, the father of my nephew whose Annie is being watched called this evening to say thank-you.

I pray that God will bless you and your sister during this vey difficult time and that He will guide you to make the decisions that are right for you .

Take care.


Thanks Carole, apparently we were all told that we should be checked for annies when my brother passed away, I do not remember being told but I had a toddler and a 4 month old at the time.
As I said we were originally a family of 10, five boys & five girls, lost 1 brother to an annie he was 37, lost another to a heart attack aged 60 (same age our father passed away from a heart attack), March 2011 we lost a sister to non Hodgkin lymphoma, then in January 2012 we lost our eldest sister to cancer she had celebrated her 80th birthday last year.
None of my children have yet been tested nor any of my nieces or nephews but they are all considering being scanned, some more so than others.
This is becoming a very serious topic in the family and hopefully we will not lose anyone on our journey.
Thank you for your support it is much appreciated and if we can all learn from each other that is good.
Love Lynn