Family is falling apart

My sister had her yearly mri then received a call saying she had to go see a neuro surgeon. She did this yesterday and now has to go for an angio next Friday. She was told that her annie has either grown or she has a twisted vessel around the annie. Once the angio is done then her doc will be able to tell her better if she needs surgery. My experience with aneurysm's has not been good at all!!

If all of you could say a prayer for her that everything shows good next Friday and she won't need surgery, I would greatly appreciate it.



You have my prayers...oh Kimberley...God needs to give your entire family a break...God Bless...

Keep us posted...Cyber ~ Prayers coming your way and your sister's...Colleen

My prayers are with your sister and your family it is a stressful time all round, I hope all goes well x

prayers and best wishes to your sister and your family


prayers goin up

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts for my sister. I am praying that she does not have to go through the same thing I am going through. I wouldn't want that for anyone.



Prayers coming your way. Hope all is well.

I am praying too! God bless.

Kimberley, prayers are surrounding you and your family...

I am glad to know she is being tested/diagnosed before a potential rupture...when you have time, can you tell us which facility / state she is at so we can bring our prayers even closer?



Keeping your sister and your family in my thoughts and prayers — keep us posted.

Hi Pat,

My sister is in Michigan at which hospital she is going I am not so sure on as of yet. I do know that when she went to the neuro the other day she informed him that she would like for him to speak to me. She told him that I have had 3 operations and am awaiting my 4th so in her eyes that makes me an

since she is in the US and I am in Sweden I have been asked to call her doctor once her angio is over with, he then will explain things to me, so if there is something she does not understand she feels I will be better able to explain them to her...Sounds a bit confusing huh...I just want her to not feel she is alone in this..



Thanks Jaycie *hugs*

How are you feeling? Been thinking about you..


Kimberley...I am delighted for you all... such a great feeling that her neuro is willing and open to talking with you...I am delighted for you all...