Sad news

Hello all, heard some sad news today. I went to visit a friend at

her work. She told me that a work colleague had just passed away

from a ruptured aneurisym. The lady was only 47 years old and

has 2 teenage daughters. She died instantly. She never knew she

had an annie. So thank God we are blessed. Hopefully this dear

lady is resting in peace.


(((Nikki))) I hate this, I hate this...has me sad and just shouldn't be permanent...but I must keep it close to my heart that God had other plans for her...


So sorry to hear this, it's very sad. I truly think screening for aneurysms should be part of physicals especially in women maybe starting in their 40's but definitely the 50's. I think a lot of lives could be saved and hospital costs could be lowered if that was the case. You are right we truly are blessed by God that our annies were found before it was too late. Take care,


That is so sad, it is so hard on a family when someone so young just goes like that the shock that hits them and the question why, when they seemed perfectly healthy. My heart and prayers go out to th family.
I hope you are feelin ok Nikki and lookin after yourself, thinking positive thoughts for you.
Hugs Lynn

Hello Colleen, hope you're well. Hope you're still going out with hubby and having a dance.

Who knows why this happened, she never knew about it, maybe that's why.

Take care

Nikki xx

Hi Bonnie, i think that's a great idea about screening but we don't have that medical protocol here.

I think annies are more common than people know. I heard that women are more prone to annies, would be a great thing to screen both sexes at a certain age, it probably would of saved this woman's life.

Have a great weekend.

Nikki xx

Hello Jo, hope you're keeping well.

Thank you for your prayers. Yes we are blessed. As for the heat, i really hate it, you can fry eggs on the concrete out side, lol.

God Bless

Nikki xx

Hello Lynn, i'm ok thank you. Hoping your back is better.

Sad news about the woman it did make me realise that we are blessed in knowing we have or had annies,so they can and will get treated. I do feel sorry for that family too, it must be horrible for them.

Hoping God gives them strength. I'm doing ok, knowing i will be having surgery makes me feel safe after hearing that sad news.

God Bless

Nikki xx

prayers sent

that i dont like talking about.

So very sorry to hear that. When I go see my grandma I thank her for saving my life. She had a ruptured annie a year or so before they discovered mine and it was because she had one that we thought to tell the dr's about her side of the family's history of them. We weren't able to save grandma completely, she had the clipping done 24 hours after the rupture and is in a nursing home unable to talk and move her right side but she can still smile and talk with her eyes.

Sorry to hear this sad news Nikki, I will keep her family close to my heart and in my prayers, it must be a very difficult time for all, Luv Jill xxx

Hello Sue, hope you're well. It's sad news about that poor woman. Screening should be mandatory.Thanks Sue for having me in your thoughts, you're so nice. I haveto have clipping in 8 days now. Getting a bit nervous. Even though i've been through it before no body really knows how things will turn out. I'm confidant it will be alright, but it's the after surgery feeling, i can't stand.

Well i haveto remember what happened to that poor lady and realise that i'm blessed. I should be in hospital about 10 days.

Take care Sue

Love Nikki xxx