Sad and fearful of the future

Ok, folks. I realize most of you have it worse than I do but still... My wife is some 20 years post surgery, walks, talks, drives a car, does most of the things anyone else does. But there is this social filter thing she has or rather hasn't. It's not just an inappropriate word or sentence. It's whole lenthy monologs somewhat like Bubba from the movie Forest Gump. Only they are always on a topic that is totally inappropriate for the people or situation. Once she starts on one there is no stopping and then she's off on another rant. It doesn't happen so much at home but when we go out with friends, I come home angry and embarassed. Time before last I tearfully explained how it made me feel and it just upset her. Last night, same friends, same performance but I just kept quiet afterwards. Do we just quit going out or having friends over? Our son, daughter in law aren't speaking to us and aren't coming to visit for Thanksgiving so I don't get to see my new grandaughter. It's hard to tell living with someone if they are getting worse, better or the same since change is often gradual but I'm scared this is getting worse. I'm afraid of what I have to look forward to and what decisions I'll eventually have to make. I really have no one to talk to about this. From what I understand there really isn't any therapy. It seems that most of you here are dealing with the early stages of recovery from surgery which is no less hard but is a totally different ball game so I feel bad complaining about this when you are dealing with 'is my spouse going to live, is my spouse going to be able to do self care things'. Thanks for letting me do an early morning vent.

Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your doing that and know you are not alone. Blessings.

No do not quit going out or having parties and dinners at your home. The people that do not understand the effects of brain surgery need a little education. Perhaps let them know this is how she is now and forgiveness is next to godliness. Keep in mind things could be plenty worse. This is an aspect of your life you just have to learn to live with and pray the people close to you learn to live with it also. Most certainly family.

Good luck and God Bless

Oh my sounds familiar. My husbands filter has been effected. He says things out loud in hearing distance of the thing said and gets so mad when I tell him it’s inappropriate. I just live with it and remind him and remember its not the man I married it’s the SAH

I think that is one of the hardest things about all this recognizing the discernment stuff is part of the challenge that happened and not just willfully making bad decisions or even just being not nice. I am blessed to have a highly functional HB after this whole thing now one would ever know by looking that he had gone through what he did. I think it makes it hard though for people to understand that there is this whole other part that did not heal in the sense of judgements and functional every day issues. Things that effect all aspects of life. The functional decisions that most of take for granted. Putting frozen food in the freezer,turning off the car lights, taking meds, brushing teeth, showering, leaving a stove on, wearing a seat belt so as to not get the fourth tickets in a year for this....people who do not live with it do not understand for the most part. Know you are not alone.